Rocking It on Day 6 (read on and you’ll see). After my little joke about tonight’s motel, and grabbing a few photos, we moved on. Consequently, I probably won’t be able to pull any more pranks today.

Driving Route 66 you see a lot of similar stuff. As a result of the Interstate Freeway System you see a lot of nearly ghosts towns, and a lot of depressed areas. It’s too bad. I like small towns.

Soon I see an old service station (no pumps, however), but what’s parked there has my interest. It’s a midnight blue Pontiac!!! It’s the same color as my Grand Prix, only this one is an early model Pontiac.

Charly had already changed outfits. She donned a goth-looking purple and black outfit. Her shoes were almost electric.

“Hey, Charly, I want you to go pose by that beauty,” I said with excitement.

“What’s that? An old model-T?” she asked.

“No, first, it’s NOT a FORD, and second Model-Ts had stamped fenders,” I said hoping to educate her, “While it does kind of look like a Model-A.”

“Huh? Model-As are newer than Model-Ts?” looking confused, Charly asks.

“Yes. Model-Ts came first,” I said just to watch her look more confused. “Go stand over there.”

Rocking it on Day 6 with this old Pontiac
1930 Pontiac

“Oh, look! It’s for sale!” I screamed.

Charly nearly jumped out of her purple platform shoes, “Dude, you scared me,” catching her breath, she adds, “Are you going to buy it?”

This would match my Grand Prix - now that would be rocking it.
This would match my Grand Prix

In My Dreams

After seeing that 1930 Pontiac I’m rocking it in my dreams. Wow, if I had $10,500 and a way to get that home I’d buy it. Imagine opening the garage door and seeing that on one side and my Grand Prix on the other side.

Brent and His 2007 Grand Prix on Route 66, April, 2008
Brent and His 2007 Grand Prix on Route 66, April, 2008


Really Rocking It

“I’ve read about this. It’s the worlds largest rocking chair!” I said as I saw the red monstrosity as large as a big two-story house.

“I’m going to go use the boy’s room,” I said, “I’ll be right back.”

As I returned from the restroom I saw the car, but no sign of Charly. I wasn’t too alarmed. I didn’t hear any other vehicles pull up or anyone walking or talking.

“CHARLY!” I yelled.


“HEY, CHARLY! WHERE ARE YOU!” I cried out again.

Hearing giggling, I looked up and Charly said, “I’m up here.”

Really Rocking It in the Rocking Chair
Really Rocking It in the Rocking Chair

“How… How in the world,” I paused looking around trying to figure this out, “did you get up there?”

“Ha-ha… I’ll never tell,” Charly said with a devilish grin.

“And, in a skirt at that,” I commented.

“Hey, I’m wearing shorts under my skirt,” Charly’s tone was of disgust.

“That’s good, because at this angle,” I started to say.

Interrupting, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re always worried I’ll show too much.”

“Tomorrow’s headlines: PILE UP ON HISTORIC ROUTE 66,” I said laughing.

Charly just rolled her eyes.