New Mexico to Arizona is our start and end for today. We spent the night in Gallup, and tonight we’ll be in Arizona. Charly is in for a treat today.

New Mexico is great if you’re in to Native American art and turquoise jewelry. I get the impression a good portion of the state is Native American reservations. I love their laid-back way of talking. It’s kind of relaxing to hear the locals (mostly Native Americans) talk.

Petroglyphs are all over this area. We stopped at a couple of them. We also stopped where there are cliff dwellings. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why?

New Mexico to Arizona Cliff Dwellings
New Mexico to Arizona Cliff Dwellings

“Hey, Charly?” I shouted as we got out of the car, “Are you a sleep walker?”

“What? Why do you ask that?” she said with a confused look.

“Imagine your bedroom being on top over there,” I said as I pointed to the structure with a ladder leading to the top.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“That’s where people used to live. See that ladder? Imagine that being your bedroom up there,” I said.

“Whoa! No, I don’t sleep walk, but if I did, I wouldn’t want to have my bedroom up there,” she said with a gaze of amazement.

We studied the cliff walls as we walked around at the base.

“I have this strange feeling like I’ve been here before,” I said, “yet, I know this is my first time in New Mexico… that I know of. Perhaps we took a family trip here when I was a young child and I don’t remember. Unfortunately, my mom isn’t around to ask.”

“Maybe you did,” Charly said.

“Maybe, but this all seems strangely familiar, but here’s the weird part, I feel like I, as an adult, took my Boy Scouts here,” I said.

“That’s really odd. What do you think it means?” Charly asked.

“I have no idea, but this is beyond any déjà vu I’ve ever experienced before,” I said as I looked at places within view and had very distinct memories of a time I was there.

“That’s spooky,” Charly said with her eyes opened widely.

“No, it’s actually kind of intriguing. It’s not creeping me out, or anything, I just feel very familiar with this place. I remember the dinosaur, the fence, the wishing well… it’s all like I’ve been here and have vivid memories of the place,” I said.

(Note: This is really how I felt on my first visit here. I even walked around to see if there were things I expected to see, and there were. And, no, they aren’t memories of Internet photos.)

The Border New Mexico to Arizona

This place is right on the border between New Mexico and Arizona. The line runs right through the gift shop and is marked outside by this little sign.

Charly at the Stateline
Charly at the Stateline

One of the nearby shops had a sign for Buffalo Jerky (which I’d imagine is really American Bison Jerky, but who knows.) They were closed, and a local told us they already sold out for the season.

Buffalo Jerky Anyone?
Buffalo Jerky Anyone?

We managed to find another place, purchased some and it was quite good.