Standing on a Corner in WInslow, Arizona, I just couldn’t leave this place. Those lyrics were so much of my teenage years.

“Charly,” I yelled with exuberance, “Go stand by that flatbed truck.”

Charly knew I was excited about this. I had been playing Take It Easy the entire trip. That song is part of Route 66 in my mind and always will be.

Charly standing next to a flatbed Ford
The Girl with the Flatbed Ford

That’s right, you guessed it. I went and stood on the corner.

“Charly,” I said with a stupid grin on my face, “it’s too bad you can drive it around the block. You could slow down and check me out.”

Charly rolled her eyes and then started to crack up, and then said, “You need to get over yourself.”

“Okay then, you go stand on the corner,” I replied, “and I’ll just check you out.”

“After I change my scarf and top,” she said, and then continued, “I have another set just like this, but in white cotton. I think it will be cooler in this dry heat.”

It was my turn to roll my eyes as the fashion diva went off to change her top. She ducked around the corner, and before I could set my camera settings came back with her top and scarf change.

“You didn’t… ” I started to say before she interrupted.

“I did!” she giggled.

“But, weren’t you concerned someone would see you?” I asked thinking I would never change my shirt on a public street, and I’m a guy.

“A girl has to have her secrets. Nobody would have seen anything,” she smugly said.

Standing on a corner with the Glen Frey statue, I managed to grab a shot.

Charly Standing on a Corner in Winslow Arizona
Standing on a Corner in Winslow

Moving On

Moving on, we sadly left Winslow to head to our next motel.

On the way, we stopped at an abandoned gas station for a few pictures. This place is kind of creepy at night, but it made for some cool photos.

Arrow Gas Station
Arrow Gas Station

It’s odd that during the daytime some place like this just looks vandalized, but at night, it becomes a spooky place where you expect zombies or post apocalyptic characters to emerge and attack.

After a few shots, I was ready to leave.

Arrows - What's Left of the Place
Arrows – What’s Left of the Place