Next Year

Next year will bring some exciting adventures, the least of which will not be our Route 66 Photographers Tour.  We are taking our time, and we’re doing it right.  We plan on averaging about 100 miles a day.

I anticipate some of those days we’ll drive a good stretch before taking any photos.  Other days we’ll be shooting most of the day and hardly doing any driving.  There will be days too when we pass something, turn around, go back and shoot it.


Conversation is the key to the backstory.  The backstory is the story behind the photograph which we will tell as we travel along.  We will converse with the folks we meet on Route 66, take their pictures, and tell their stories.

My last trip down a portion of Route 66 I met Elmer.  Elmer is the creator of the Bottle Tree Forest near San Bernardino, California.

copyright 2016 db walton
Elmer – Bottle Tree Sculpture

The backstory to this picture is, Elmer lives out here in the desert.  He spends his days searching for bottles in the desert.  He brings them home and posts them on a rebar tree.  His forest has become a Route 66 attraction.

copyright 2016 db walton
Bottle Tree Forest – Route 66

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For Your Entertainment

If you want see some of the places we will visit, watch this cool video by Jakub Gorajek and Sylwia Gorajek set to Depeche Mode’s version of the Route 66 theme song.