As we continue with Day 2 we decided to visit the Joliet Museum. This is as much a Route 66 Museum as it is about Joliet. I’m going to call it Joliet Museum, but the official name is Joliet Area Historical Museum. My version is shorter.

We entered the lobby, and bought our tickets. The lady at the desk pointed us towards the “entrance” to the displays.

“Brent! Look! All I need is a pair of roller skates,” Charly shouted with glee as she struck a pose. “Did they really wear roller skates and bring your food to your car… on roller skates?”

Charly Imitating a Carhop at the Joliet Museum
Charly and the Carhop

This brought a smile to my face. Ah, she is interested in history.

“Yes, they did. On Sunday’s, when we did go to church, I remember stopping at A&W in Pocatello. They’d take our order and bring a tray with our root beer and burgers. Unlike the tray on this statue, they were rectangular and clipped on to the car’s window,” I explained. “They were called carhops.”

If she keeps asking questions like this, it’s going to make the trip fun. Her playful poses keep me on my toes with my camera. Half of the time I don’t need to tell her how to pose. She’s a natural at it.

Ladies and Gentlemen in the Joliet Museum

Aside from the swimsuit, I noticed she went lighter on the makeup. Perhaps it was that woman who walked by in Chicago and muttered something about a crossdresser. Yeah, the dark lipstick made her appear a little masculine. Speaking of the swimsuit, she’s drawing the attention of ever male she passes.

We continued our walk to the museum displays. Charly wrapped her hand around the inside of my elbow, which surprised me. I didn’t know girls knew how to let a man escort them these days. As a result, I feel like a gentleman as we rounded the corner to the next display.

We came to an outdoor courtyard. It has road signs and a Greek-style bronze statue. What came next was no surprise.

Life imitating art?  Or, art imitating life?
Life imitating art? Or, art imitating life?

I was just thankful she didn’t take off her top for the pose. Her lack of inhibition scares me sometimes. I hope it doesn’t get us in to trouble during the trip.

Back on the Road

Before we hit the road, Charly changed. I think she’s given up on the swimming idea. Although I think her shorts and swimsuit were less revealing than her thin halter and slacks. Aye!

While she was changing, I hid her suitcase behind the front seat (because she never looks there.) Let’s see how long before she notices.

The first big attraction is the Route 66 Raceway.

Route 66 Speedway
Route 66 Speedway, Joliet, Illinois

“Do you think they’ll let me drive my car around the track?” Charly asked like a little kid wanting to open Christmas presents a day early.

“Doubtful. They require helmets and fire-retardant clothing,” I said trying to curb her enthusiasm for the idea.

“Darn,” she said, then braggingly added, “I’ve had this car up to 125 miles per hour.”

“But not this trip,” trying to hide my fear.

“Let’s stop and ask. I also need to put my shorts and swimsuit in my suitcase,” she said.

I was wondering if she noticed it behind her seat. If she did, she didn’t say anything. It’s road trip practical jokes that make road trips fun.

"Where's my suitcase," she screamed.
“Where’s my suitcase?”

“Where’s my suitcase,” she screamed.

It was immediately followed with more volume, “WHERE’S MY SUITCASE!”

I was trying to keep a straight face.

“Did you leave it at the museum?” I asked, knowing darn well she didn’t.

“Yeah, I must have left it in the bathroom. Can we go back? Please? Can we go back? Please? PLEASE?” She begged.

It would be cruel to let this continue. I simply answered, “It’s in the backseat.”

“How did it get THERE!” she said with fire building in her eyes.

Oh, crap, I’m in trouble now. The best thing is to be honest with her.

“I moved it. I wanted to see how long it would be until you noticed,” I said.

“Jerk.” was her only response.