It’s Day 2 and we’re waking up in Joliet, Illinois. Right off the bat Charly emerges from her room wearing a swimsuit under her cutoffs. (She wore a different suit yesterday after changing in Chicago.)

“Do you think we’re going swimming today?” I asked.

“We might. Doesn’t the hotel have a pool?” She said.

“I doubt it. We’re booked at a Motel 6, and if it did have a pool, I wouldn’t trust it,” was my response.

“Well! We’re by a river!” she said sarcastically.

It was a losing battle. Heck, I don’t care what she wears as long as she doesn’t drive me nuts wanting to listen to hip hop or starts complaining about my road mix.

My road mix has a variety of different covers of the Route 66 Theme Song, some Eagles (for when we hit Arizona and California), songs about cars (like Mustang Sally Got a GTO), Little Duce Coup, and so forth. It’s music meant for Route 66.


I need my protein in the morning, and the hotel “continental breakfast”, was more like packaged sweet rolls and watered down juice. Little protein in either one of those. So, I was on a lookout for a Route 66 style dine.

We were following U.S. Highway 6/Illinois Highway 53, which in these parts is Historic Route 66. You can’t go by the brown and white Historic Route 66 signs and they get stolen by French tourists. (I asked a guy how they get them past customs. He said, “They don’t. The send them home via the U.S. Postal Service — no checking what’s inside the package.”)

We stopped outside a little dinner and I asked Charly to pose for a picture.

66 in sign language

Holding up 3 fingers on both hands, I recognized what this is. When I experienced SHL (Sudden Hearing Loss) and thought I was going to be deaf the rest of my life. As a result, I started studying it.

“What’s with the sign language?” I asked, “Didn’t know I knew a little sign myself, did you?”

While most people use this for the number 3, in sign this is a “W”, but if you tap your little finger to your thumb, it is the number “6”.

“It’s Route 66. I’m making 6 6 with my hands,” Charly proudly stated.

“I know, Charly, I know,” I chuckled. “Let’s get something to eat before I get really cranky. This is only day 2, and you don’t want me cranky.”

Joliet Route 66 Diner

A fitting name for a diner on Route 66 in Joliet – Joliet Route 66 Diner. It was your traditional diner menu. I went for the protein rich breakfast, while Charly went for the sweets.

The booths were decorated with metal cars and trucks. We happened to get an old pickup truck. It has character.

Toy pickup truck decorating the diner booth.
Toy Pickup Truck