It’s been a fun day. We rolled in to Joliet at dusk. Our first stop was at a roadside ice cream shop – Kicks on 66. It had the Blues Brothers – Joliet Jake and Elwood – on the roof.

Elwood and Joliet Jake
Elwood and Joliet Jake

I managed to get a free soda from the girls at the counter. Well, it wasn’t totally free… I gave them both some swag my brother-in-law made for me to give away on the trip. (Charly had to pay for hers… I guess there are times when being a guy has its perks.)

“Give me the keys. I’m driving,” Charly yelled.

“What? I’d like to live to see tomorrow,” I quipped back.

“Hey, it’s my car, give me the keys,” she demanded.

I handed over the keys reluctantly. She’s not a bad driver, I just feel more comfortable when I drive. There’s not a scratch on her car, which is further evidence of her driving and care for the car.

It wasn’t long though, before the Joliet Police had her pulled over.

Dick's on 66 in Joliet, Illinois.
Car 54 Where Are You?

“Car 54, where are you?”, I said in to my cupped hands imitating a police radio. I followed with, “Ooo, Ooo!”

It went right over Charly’s head.

Okay, she didn’t really get pulled over. She saw the old police car and wanted to stop. It made for a great photo moment.

“It’s getting dark,” I pointed out, “We should find our hotel.”

We didn’t make it very far when I yelled, “Find a place to stop. I’ve got to get a picture of that!”

Joliet, Illinois
The DePlaines River – Joliet, Illinois

I had to breakout the tripod while yelling, “De plane, de plane”, in my Tatoo imitating voice.

Charly just looked at me like I was crazy. I can tell this is going to be a very long trip if this baby-boomer has to explain every 20th century reference to her. After all, I’m old enough to remember much of what we’ll see on Route 66. To Charly, right now it’s just “old stuff”, but I think this trip will change that.

End of a Lovely Day in Joliet

Day 1 has been great, but now it has come to an end.

Brent's Route 66 Sign - every state is part of this sign - this sign is part of every state.
Brent’s Route 66 Sign – every state is part of this sign – this sign is part of every state.