Advertise on Route 66

Advertise on Route 66 for your business.  Even if your business is NOT on Route 66, our posts are going to reach the WORLD.  It doesn’t matter where your business is, we will spread your name all over the place.

Think about this… we are spending the next year gathering followers.  Many of those followers will follow us daily.  So, think about hearing this in our nightly video.  (Assume your business is XYZ Corp.)

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Even if you’re a small mom and pop shop that serves local businesses, we’ll help drive business to your web site through links and special mentions.  You’ll find it is cheaper than many other forms of on-line advertising and you’ll benefit from our own Search Engine Optimization (which is gaining momentum with each post.)

Please consider sponsoring our tour.

Trip Readiness

Our trip readiness becomes more and more crucial each day.  This isn’t a trivial drive.  Paul and Brent will be on the road for about one month.  This means planning stops for doing laundry, making sure things are handled back home, and more.  The plan is crucial!

On days when we fall short on making our mile marker, we will be scrambling to make new hotel reservations and change existing reservations.  There will be days when we overshoot our goal too.  There might even be breakdowns or flat tires along the way.  In all cases, we must prepare.

Part of that preparation is making sure sponsors sign up early in the plans.  In return for signing up early, we will reward accordingly.    A $100 of sponsorship paid today will be rewarded more than a $100 sponsorship paid two months from now.  Thus, get on board early.

For Your Entertainment

Here’s Asleep At the Wheel performing the Route 66 Theme Song….