Route 66 Links

These are Route 66 Links that have something to say about the Mother Road.   If you’d like a site added, please contact us.  And, please, don’t spam us; it will only get your spam reported to the authorities.

Route 66 Links Route 66 Links Route 66 Links

National Park Service 

Historic Route 66

Road Trip USA

Illinois Route 66

Legends of America

Driving Route 66

Route 66 Roys

Route 66 Google Map (Riding Route 66)

The Route 66


Driving Route 66 (a PDF end-to-end guide)

(Thank you to Nicole for finding those last two resources.)

Need Links

We need more Route 66 links!  If you know of links to Route 66 pages that provide information for travelers, let us know.  We will add more as we travel, but why wait.

As we add more links we will start adding categories.  Categories will include:

  • Photo opportunities
  • Restaurants
  • Service Stations
  • Stores
  • Museums
  • Parks
  • Monuments
  • etc.

Note:  After our Route 66 Tour, we’ll be working on completing the New York State Route 31 tour!