Meet the Route 66 Photographerscopyright 2016 db walton

Meet Brent and Paul, the two photographers who are going to drive and photograph every mile of Historic Route 66.

Paul’s Statement:

Why Route 66?

My passion has always been travel photography.  Everywhere I go in the U.S.A. and Canada I have take my camera to take pictures of my travels.  My goal is to take the whole Route 66 trip from Chicago to California.

When Brent asked me if I would go with him, I jumped on the opportunity.  One of our goal is to take the type of pictures that others may not have see or noticed, to take unique pictures, to give a different perspective from what others have taken.  This will be an experience of a lifetime for me to undertake this journey and I am look forward to doing it.

Brent’s Statement:

copyright 2016 db walton -
D. Brent Walton on Route 66 Somewhere East of Oatman, Arizona

Hi Everyone,

By way of introduction I am, D. Brent Walton, a professional photographer,  who operated a successful studio in the San Francisco, California, Bay Area for ten years and after moving to Palmyra, New York, I have been operating a studio here for 8 years.

Since discovering Route 66 for myself in 2004, my goal has been to photograph Route 66. The beauty of the area amazes me. It is truly one of the most beautiful roads in the United States.

As Paul and I travel Route 66 we will be daily posting on social media. We’ve created a Facebook group for people to follow our adventures:

I am looking forward to this trip!


D. Brent Walton

Our Equipment

During the tour, we will be photographing with the following photographic equipment:

  • Camera bodies:  TBD
  • Wide angle lenses: TBD
  • Normal lenses: TBD
  • Telephoto lenses: TBD
  • Zoom lenses: TBD
  • Tripods: TBD
  • Memory cards: TBD
  • Sound recorders: TBD
  • Speedlights and flashes: TBD
  • Carrying it all these camera bags: TBD

Nightly we will up post our updates using: TBD

A special thanks to the above sponsors.

(TBD = To Be Determined – Once sponsors have provided us with the above equipment, their information will be posted.)