Benefits of Advertising

What are some of the benefits of advertising with us?

Note:  We have recently changed the wording from sponsoring to advertising as it has created some confusion.  We discovered some people are interpreting “sponsoring” as a from of a charitable donation.  IT IS NOT.  We do not operate a charity, but a profit-making business, and we are in the business of advertising.

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For Equipment Manufacturers and Vendors


We will be using your equipment, and if you sign up for an exclusive advertising, we will ONLY be using that equipment.  For example, if you have camera body & lens exclusivity, we will only use your brand of camera and lens.

If we do not receive exclusive advertisers, we will choose what equipment is used.  If provided by a non-exclusive advertisers, we will still publicize our use of the equipment, however, it will be not be as frequent as our exclusive advertisers.  For example, an exclusive advertisers will have about 30-days of publicity during the tour.  A non-exclusive advertisers will receive about 1 day per $100 of advertising-in-kind.


We will be talking about your equipment.  When we post on social media, we will mention the equipment used (when advertised – see POLICY section).  Other photographers like this sort of information.  When someone sees a sharp, in-focus image with impact, they associate that with the make and model of the equipment used.

You will be listed on our web site as a advertiser (sponsor).  This link to your web site will in turn help your company’s search engine placement (i.e. SEO).  It will also provide our followers with a link to your products and services.

We are working on scheduling radio and TV interviews along the tour.  While we can’t guarantee questions about our sponsors, but when asked we will first mention our exclusive advertisers as we give special thanks.

As we travel Route 66, if you send off with a box of swag, we’ll distribute your branded promotional items along our way.  In fact, we’d encourage you to create a promotional item with the US 66 Highway sign on it as well as your logo.  That way you’ll give them something they will want to keep.


Will will be loyal to our exclusive advertisers during the tour.  We will be speaking at various photography organizations after the tour.  During those presentations we will mention all of our exclusive advertisers.  After all, the exclusive advertisers are those making this trip possible.

You may also gain a life long customer as a result of your exclusive advertising.

For Other Businesses

Other businesses are those who are helping support the tour through contributions in-kind and of cash.  This may include in-kind contributions of hotel rooms, gasoline, meals, or cash to cover these expenses.


Exclusivity for this category includes a few items such as our transportation, lodging, gasoline and 4G internet access.  That said, we will entertain the possibility of once exclusive advertisers for all travel expenses (which would have to be cash or in-kind plus cash.)

For example, anyone who provides a car for us to drive the entire tour will receive exclusivity for their type of business.  For example, if XYZ Dealership provided a car for the entire trip, they will receive exclusivity for the entire trip as well as other benefits.  (See advertise)


We will daily talk about where we slept, ate, and what other services and products made the tour comfortable that day.  When it comes to advertising, our advertising opportunities are quite reasonable.  Brent alone has over 1,600 friends on Facebook, as well as thousands of followers on his personal blog.  We expect his friends and followers to help our Route 66 Tour pages to go viral.


When our followers hear of your generosity they will think positively about your products and/or services.


It is our policy to only promote products and services of advertisers.  For example, if we do not have a camera advertiser there will be no mention of the brand and model of the camera we are using.  Non-sponsor logos will be covered and treated as generic brands.  This is only fair to those who do choose to advertise with us.