Things Normal

All things normal in Normal, Illinois, today. Our motel isn’t the greatest.  In fact, it has to be the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at.  It’s not right on Route 66, so I’m not going to say any more about it.

Normal is a college town.  At first, we wondered why all these kids weren’t in school.  When we saw we were next to University of Illinois, it hit us.  They are college students.  (They look younger every year.)

We’re walking down the street and a couple asks what we’re doing.  We told them about our Route 66 trip.  They told us about cool things to see between Normal and Springfield.

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Normal Couple

Paul saw this coed working on her laptop.  After taking pictures outside, we went inside and asked her permission to take the picture.  She was happy to oblige.

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College Co-ed at Coffee Shop Working on Homework


There is an Atlanta, Illinois.  Everyone told us the diner to eat at is the Atlanta Palms Diner.  They tell us the pie is the best.  We went there, and we agree.

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The Holy Smokes Burger


The next big city was Lincoln, Illinois.  This city is named after Lincoln, but Lincoln was not from there.  He was from Springfield (our next stop).

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Display in Lincoln Courthouse
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Lincoln Theatre in Lincoln, Illinois off Route 66


Our final destination is Springfield — The Capital of Illinois.  It is the home of Abe Lincoln.  He’s buried here too.  He and Mary Todd were married here.

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Springfield, Illinois, Capital Building