Rock Café

“Oh, you’ve got to eat at the Rock Café,” people tell us.

People are bragging about the food, the atmosphere and what a cool place it is.  So, we’re driving down the road and here’s this stone building – Rock Café.   We got out of the car to take some pictures, but it looked like it was closed.  There was an Air Stream trailer in the parking lot, but not much else around.

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Rock Café
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Side Yard at Rock Café
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Entrance to the Rock Café

On the side of the building is a sign that says, “Enter Here”.

It’s open.  We walked inside and there were people cooking in the kitchen.  The waitress greeted us and we decided to stay.

At first we were just going to try the bread pudding (we were told it is the best), but we ended up ordering dinner.  I had the Buffalo Bunless Burger.  IT WAS FANTASTIC.  AMAZING.  GOOD.

Of course, we ordered the bread pudding for dessert.  It was amazingly good.

On the wall in the hall, besides many signatures of visitors, is a picture of Guy Fierri from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  That impressed me.

I signed the wall with, “ db walton”.


That’s not how our day started however.  Leaving Tulsa, Oklahoma, was a nightmare.  Google Maps had us going all over the place.  Finally, I found a Historic Route 66 sign and I followed the signs.  (I swear, my Google Maps App is passive aggressive.  I yelled, “Google, YOU SUCK.”  To which my phone responded, “I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand.  So, thinking I would throw it for a spin, I said, “Okay, Google, does ontogeny recapitulate phylogeny?”  She actually had the answer, but that didn’t help us any getting on Historic Route 66.)

We saw this railroad car and stopped to take pictures.  I thought it might be a tiny railroad museum.  It turns out it is a small 4-engine operating railroad.  A guy named Kevin came out and gave us the grand tour.  (Everyone we meet is so nice!)

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Railroad Engine

Old Stone House

Next I see this old stone house and stop.  A guy comes out and asks if he can help us.  I told him we were driving Route 66 and wanted to know the story behind this cool looking house.

The next thing we know his son is giving us a tour and telling us the history, showing us photos, and explaining how they restored the house from a shell of 4 walls.  The place is now beautiful.

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Stone House

The building is used for their food distribution business.  They sent us away with a honey bear and a packet of chili mix.

Car Museum

Joe Walsh may have a Maserati that does 185, but this is one sweet car.

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There is a small Route 66 Car Museum here in Oklahoma.  While it doesn’t have a lot of cars it is only $5 to get in (plus tax), and the cars that are there are in perfect condition.

We toured it and I took pictures of EVERY car there.  Every car they had was perfectly restored.  I fell in love with a 1957 Chevy convertible.  The ultimate Route 66 cruise car.  (Okay, the Maserati was nice too, but not for Route 66.)

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Inside a ’57 Chevy

Round Barn

We saw the historic Round Barn on Route 66.  They were closed, but we at least saw it.

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The Round Barn

Thank You to Some Special Companies

Thank you to the Fairfield Inn in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the nice clean room last night.  I especially loved the breakfast – bacon, eggs and sausage.

Thank you to Republic Wireless.  Our coverage for data has been great.  We’ve been able to do live broadcasts because of Republic Wireless.  I hope you watch them on our Facebook page.

Bay Photo has been great.  We’ve given away LOTS of samples.  If someone has a camera, we tell them about Bay Photo Labs.

Warner 5 Color, the mirrors are a hit.  We gave two away today and both ladies looked at them and commented, “How cool!”

While we didn’t get a chance to use much software today or our MoB.D., a special thank you to Alien Skin, Anthropics, ACDsee, Topaz Labs and On1, as well as MoLight.

And, one more time Walworth Veterinary Hospital comes through for dinner.  If you are in the Rochester, New York, area, and have a sick pet, take them to Walworth Veterinary Hospital.

Tonight’s Room

Tonight’s room is courtesy of Broadway Inn in Oklahoma City.  They’ve provided us with a very clean roomy room with free WiFi.  It’s hospitality like this that helps make this trip possible.

Here are some parting shots…