Drive to Rolla

The drive to Rolla has worn me out.  The day started with me going to church in Saint Louis.  After church, I picked up Paul and we began our drive to Rolla, Missouri.

At church I saw the full-time Elders for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  When I told them I was from Palmyra, the one elder asked, “Do you know Elder and Sister Rowley?”

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Brent and Elder Rowley

I told him I did, and he told me they are his grandparents.

Rolling Hills

As we left Saint Louis we got in to rolling hills.  We saw many abandoned businesses.  It’s sad.  Route 66 gets a lot of traffic, and to see these businesses not thriving is really sad.


You have to beware of businesses that great you with, “I don’t want my picture taken,” and then ask, “Are you going to come into my shop?”

From there it went to, “There’s a $2 entrance fee, but it will be applied to your purchases.”

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Let the Buyer Beware

What the heck.  Paul and I obliged her, but she wasn’t very accommodating when it came to us taking pictures.  As a result, we didn’t take many pictures at this location.  When we asked about it’s history, we were told, “I don’t know.”

Hey, if you’re looking for a $30 pebble, she’ll sell it to you.  (I stuck to a couple of postcards and a magnet.)

No Diners and THEN

We were not come across any diners so we ate a late lunch at Steak ‘n Shake.  No sooner as we get on the road again we come across and diner and a BBQ joint.  I told Paul… no more fast food chains.  We hold out until we hit a good Route 66 diner!!!

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Hick Chicks at Hicks BBQ

Can’t Make Up This Stuff

You can’t make up this stuff.  A bill board for a fudge store in Uranus.  Their motto:  The Best Fudge Comes from Uranus.  See for yourself.

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Uranus Fudge

Comfort Suites

We cannot thank Comfort Suites enough for our rooms tonight.  Paul and I are both beat and we walk in and are greeted warmly.  Our rooms are the best we’ve seen on this trip.

Our rooms have a sofa, foot stools, desk and office chair, fridge, microwave, king sized bed and more.  The place has an exercise room, swimming pool and laundry room.  (Mine’s in the dryer as I type.)

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My Room at Comfort Suites in Rolla
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The Hotel Lobby

If you’re doing Route 66 through Missouri, I highly recommend Comfort Suites in Rella, Missouri.  Tell them Brent & Paul sent you.

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