July 6, 2019

I Wanna Kiss You – Day 6

I wanna kiss you - Yeah, that's what Charly said when she saw our hotel for tonight. I guess I really traumatized her when we stopped at the Gardenway Motel and she believed that WAS our hotel.

I wanna kiss you - Yeah, that's what Charly said when she saw our hotel for tonight. I guess I really traumatized her when we stopped at the Gardenway Motel and she believed that WAS our hotel.

I Wanna Kiss You!

Yeah, that’s what Charly said when she saw our hotel for tonight. I guess I really traumatized her when we stopped at the Gardenway Motel and she believed that WAS our hotel.

Before we got to the hotel (yes, we’re staying in a hotel, not a motel, tonight) I saw this sign…

I wanna kiss you in Uranus... that doesn't sound right.
Uranus Fudge Factory

Who in the world names a fudge company Uranus?

This has my curiosity. But, you know what they say curiosity did to the cat!!!

Late in the Day

Traveling Route 66 late in the day, after Labor Day, seems a little lonely. Lots of places are closed. It is hard to tell if they are closed for the season, or simply closed for the day.

Keep that in mind when traveling Route 66. Some of these small towns roll up the sidewalk around dinner time. Heck, we’ve had a hard time finding post offices that are open. Some close as early as 2 p.m.!!!


“Brent, I know it says it is closed, but do you think we’ll get in trouble if we go inside?” Charly asks.

“My rule is if it is posted that we should keep out, we should keep out,” I answered.

Rolling her eyes again, Charly knew I was right, but it didn’t stop her mouth, “You can be such a fuddy-dud.”

“I’ll just blame you and say I was just driving by and this crazy girl said it was okay,” I said.

“See, let’s go,” she said tugging on my arm.

“Noooo, I’m not crossing the chain,” I said.

Charly’s hands went to her hips and she spun about on one heel and walked towards an area where there was no fence and chain.

Off to the side was an open grassy area with an old billboard. Below sat an early model Mustang – perhaps a 1964 or thereabouts.

Laughing, I said, “Like anyone would like to steal that old Ford.”

“That’s a Ford?” Charly asked.

“It’s a Mustang. I owned a 1967. Complete piece of junk. Pot metal parts that were manufactured to fall apart and it handled horribly,” I explained.

“I didn’t know you owned a Ford?” Charly said with complete surprise.

“Yeah, we’re all entitled to make mistakes. Unfortunately, I made that mistake again when I bought a Ford Taurus,” I said looking down and kicking the dirt.

“YOU! YOU owned a Taurus,” Charly started to laugh uncontrollably.

“Hey, I learned my lesson,” I said trying to cover my embarrassment. “Let’s move on. It’s going to be dark soon and I don’t want to be finding our hotel in the dark.”

As we got back in the car I noticed Charly had changed out of her Daisy Dukes and tank top and back in to her goth outfit.

“Getting chilly?”, I asked.

“Shut up,” she snapped.

I Wanna Kiss You

We pulled in to the hotel which was in an odd location in Rolla, Missouri. It was near a big traffic circle, and old Route 66 was split in two lanes either side of I-40.

We entered the lobby and Charly, turned, and with outstretched arms exclaimed, “I Wanna Kiss You!”

I Wanna Kiss You!
I Wanna Kiss You!

“Whoa,” I said backing up.

I don’t mind a friendly hello or good-bye embrace, but this was a bit forward.

Charly started laughing, and said, “This is so much nicer than that place you stopped at this morning.”

“I thought you knew I was joking?” I asked.

“Well, sort of,” she said looking off to the side to cover her blushing face.

“I guess after that experience at the Motel 6 in Normal, you figured we might end up in another dive?” I inquired.

“Well, yes. That place was gross with a capital G,” she answered.

“From now on, only nice places,” I said hoping I wouldn’t have to eat these words later on.

In My Room

In my room I noticed it was a little warm and muggy, but the hall was cool, so I propped my door open. I also cranked the thermostat down hoping the air conditioning would remove some of the humidity.

I grabbed my tabled and began to prepare a blog post.

Back Turned to the Door
Back Turned to the Door

I had my back turned to the door when suddenly I heard Charly’s voice.

“Want to go swimming?” Charly asked.

Want to Go Swimming
Want to Go Swimming

“I knew I should have kept my door shut. Don’t you believe in knocking?” I said in a firm tone, but my expression must not have been stern enough.

“Oh, come on. Like you’re going to be doing anything that would require me to knock,” Charly says.

“What if I had slipped those Hick Chicks back there a not telling them to meet me here?” I said trying to keep a straight face.

“Yeah, right. YOU? Never. You get freaked out when I walk in to your room when the door is OPEN,” she said knowing she had me there.

Distracting her I said, “Hey, you dyed your hair!”

“You actually noticed?” she said with surprise in her voice.

“Of course, you go from blonde with dark roots,” drawing a glare from her when I said ‘dark roots’, “to a redhead. Actually, your complexion goes better with red hair.”

“I am a redhead,” she stated confidently, “you’ve seen my hair red before.”

“Yeah, but you’re always changing it. Who knows what color it will be next week. Now, go ahead and go swimming,” I said. “I want to catch up on some blogging. And, DON’T FORGET YOUR KEY.”

“I won’t. I stuck it right here,” she said as she began to reach for it.

“No, that’s okay. I don’t need to know where you keep your key,” I said turning my back to go back to what I was doing, “Oh, and please shut my door on your way out.”

September 11, 2017

Across America

Across America

Here we are driving across America and we run in to a guy going the other way walking across America.  I had heard about him somewhere.  I can’t remember where, but he was the second guy I heard about.  The one is in his 70s, and this guy, a younger guy.

So, we’re driving down Route 66 and he pass this guy pushing a car, draped in the flag.  I spun the car around and we drove up to him.

“Hey, are you the guy who is walking all of Route 66?” I yelled.

He responded that he was.  I asked if we could interview and photograph him.  He was more than happy to oblige us.



copyright 2017 db walton - all rights reserved
G. and His Flags


We’ll call him G. (he said we could) because it was hard to catch is name.  We talked for a while and he told us about the 3 flags he is carrying – The US Flag, the flag of England, and a Native American flag.  He’s asking people to sign his flag, which we did.

copyright 2017 db walton - all rights reserved
Paul, G. and Me

Before we parted company, G. asked if we could pray together.  He asked me to say the prayer.


We stopped at a place called Uranus.  The owner has one weird sense of humor.  There’s the “Axe hole”, they thank you for “picking Uranus”, and more.  This is for real.  The is the place that has the motto, “The best fudge comes from Uranus.”

copyright 2017 db walton - all rights reserved
Axe Hole

copyright 2017 db walton - all rights reserved
Uranus Police Car

copyright 2017 db walton - all rights reserved
Welcome Sign

We were met at Uranus by a photographer named Jax.  She showed us around, took pictures of us, and then treated us to lunch at Nona’s in Waynesville, Mo.  The owner Julie and her daughter Kaylynn showed us great hospitality.

copyright 2017 db walton - all rights reserved
Julie and Kaylynn at Nona’s

There at Nona’s we met several locals — mostly women with husbands serving in the military at a nearby Army Base.

copyright 2017 db walton - all rights reserved
Brittany and Her Labordoodle

copyright 2017 db walton - all rights reserved
Mother and Child

Special Thanks

A special thanks today to Bay Photo for samples to hand out, Walworth Veterinary Hospital for dinner tonight, Topaz Labs for the software I used to process a picture of a bridge on Route 66, ACDsee because that’s what I use every night to prepare these images, On1 Software, Alien Skin Software and Jax for treating us to lunch and giving us the grand tour of the area.

We also want to say that Comfort Suites in Rolla gave us the best room we’ve seen yet.  Plus, breakfast was included. The place was clean, no odors or smells, and had great amenities.  If you’re ever in Rolla, I recommend you stay at Comfort Suites.

September 10, 2017

Drive to Rolla

Drive to Rolla

The drive to Rolla has worn me out.  The day started with me going to church in Saint Louis.  After church, I picked up Paul and we began our drive to Rolla, Missouri.

At church I saw the full-time Elders for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  When I told them I was from Palmyra, the one elder asked, “Do you know Elder and Sister Rowley?”

copyright 2017 db walton all rights reserved
Brent and Elder Rowley

I told him I did, and he told me they are his grandparents.

Rolling Hills

As we left Saint Louis we got in to rolling hills.  We saw many abandoned businesses.  It’s sad.  Route 66 gets a lot of traffic, and to see these businesses not thriving is really sad.


You have to beware of businesses that great you with, “I don’t want my picture taken,” and then ask, “Are you going to come into my shop?”

From there it went to, “There’s a $2 entrance fee, but it will be applied to your purchases.”

copyright 2017 db walton all rights reserved
Let the Buyer Beware

What the heck.  Paul and I obliged her, but she wasn’t very accommodating when it came to us taking pictures.  As a result, we didn’t take many pictures at this location.  When we asked about it’s history, we were told, “I don’t know.”

Hey, if you’re looking for a $30 pebble, she’ll sell it to you.  (I stuck to a couple of postcards and a magnet.)

No Diners and THEN

We were not come across any diners so we ate a late lunch at Steak ‘n Shake.  No sooner as we get on the road again we come across and diner and a BBQ joint.  I told Paul… no more fast food chains.  We hold out until we hit a good Route 66 diner!!!

copyright 2017 db walton all rights reserved
Hick Chicks at Hicks BBQ

Can’t Make Up This Stuff

You can’t make up this stuff.  A bill board for a fudge store in Uranus.  Their motto:  The Best Fudge Comes from Uranus.  See for yourself.

copyright 2017 db walton all rights reserved
Uranus Fudge

Comfort Suites

We cannot thank Comfort Suites enough for our rooms tonight.  Paul and I are both beat and we walk in and are greeted warmly.  Our rooms are the best we’ve seen on this trip.

Our rooms have a sofa, foot stools, desk and office chair, fridge, microwave, king sized bed and more.  The place has an exercise room, swimming pool and laundry room.  (Mine’s in the dryer as I type.)

copyright 2017 db walton all rights reserved
My Room at Comfort Suites in Rolla

copyright 2017 db walton all rights reserved
The Hotel Lobby

If you’re doing Route 66 through Missouri, I highly recommend Comfort Suites in Rella, Missouri.  Tell them Brent & Paul sent you.

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