You may have noticed some website updates. We’ve switched to a new server and updated everything.

Hopefully in the process we haven’t introduced any broken links, but our site health-check will alert us to those. We will fix them as they are discovered.

Route 66 Photographers Website Updates
Website Updates – Logo Still the Same

Website Updates In the Meantime

In the meantime we might not be posting. It’s taking a little more work than we expected.

But, that’s okay. With any website updates there are glitches and delays. And, since I’m fully disabled, I can only handle so much each day. So, be patient

If you’re new to our site, a few words of introduction…

Who We Are

In 2017 myself, Brent Walton, and Paul Bardotz drove Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica. We were on the road for 30 days. It was an epic and awesome trip.

We were even interviewed for a magazine when we returned. We also gave a few presentations. It was really fun to tell others of our journey. It was a once in a lifetime trip and I’m glad I did it when we did it.

A little over a year after returning, I got seriously ill… and I haven’t got better. It started with a flu and turned in to a rare neuromuscular disease (which they suspect was triggered by the flu). As a result, had I NOT gone in 2017, I might not have ever made this trip.

That’s the bad part.

The Good Part

The good part is I can only handle about 45-90 minutes a day on my feet. That’s largely used for personal hygiene and meals. The rest of the day I have to rest.

I got tired of watching TV, and this disease affects my eyes, so reading is really difficult. My wife and I came up with a way I can sit at my computer and will minimal physical effort (and with the help of a VERY large monitor), I can do stuff on the computer. (Mostly stuff that doesn’t involve reading… and writing… so writing this is very difficult and time consuming.) Running out of things to do, I decided to create some art around my Route 66 photos.

I created a fictional character, Charly, who is accompanying me on a fictional Route 66 trip. She’s kind of a wild kid who’s accompany this older guy (the fictional me) on this trip. We’re as different as night and day. (I’ve already taken some ribbing about Charly being ‘trashy’ and ‘racy’. It might turn out to be kind of a Cinderella story.)