Uranus Fudge Day 7 begins. A few short stops looking at interesting things, and then on towards that place the billboards were advertising – Uranus Fudge Factory.

We found it, pulled in to the parking lot and I began to think, “What in the world???”

Standing in the parking lot I did a 360-degree turn as I surveyed the surroundings. I saw something about a strip club and a billboard about the evils of strip clubs. What am I missing here?

Axe Hole at Uranus Fudge Day 7

The first stop was an open barn-like structure that appeared to be under construction. It is called the Axe Hole.

Before I could say anything, Charly says, “That’s just gross. Just gross.”

“Yeah, I’m seeing we might be in for some puns based on the name Uranus,” I said.

The owner greets us, and welcomes us to Uranus. He’s the self-proclaimed Mayor of Uranus. (Uranus isn’t actually a city, but what he’s named this complex that’s like a hodge-podge strip mall… including a strip club. Okay, now I’m going with the puns.)

He explained how he wants to make this something for everyone.

WAIT… Bring your kids to a place where in the center of it all is a strip club?

Yeah. If it weren’t for that one issue I’d say it could be a fun family place… if you don’t mind your children telling anal jokes for the rest of your trip.

Oh, my.

Mexican Villa at Uranus Fudge Day 7

It’s a small theme park. There’s a little courtyard that makes you feel like you’re in a Northern Mexico Villa.

Charly's Perfect Dress - Uranus Fudge Day 7
Charly’s Perfect Dress

I turned and looked at Charly’s outfit, and imagined a Mexican dancer with her off-the-shoulder peasant dress. Plus, the colors harmonized with the pink stucco and red brick patio.

“Wow,” my brain was distracted by her lack of shoes, “where the heck are your shoes?”

“In the car,” she says as if that’s the norm.

“Okay, well… ” thinking of a fatherly, protective, thing to say, but realizing I was distracted, I continued, “go stand over there with your back towards me and flip your hair and twist and look out in to the courtyard.”

Nodding knowing the routine as I assumed the photographer role and she became my muse.

Click – Click-click

“Okay, I got it,” I said as I pressed play so she could come look.

“Ahhh… that’s pretty,” she sighed.

“Good thing you died your hair red last night else this wouldn’t have worked,” I pointed out.

Leaving Uranus Fudge

After buying some fudge, and being told, as we completed our purchase, “Thank you for picking Uranus,” we hit the road.

Winding through the Ozarks was beautiful. Perfect time of year too. Sunflowers were in bloom all over.

I finally found a place to stop. Charly hopped out and went running over to a sunflower, and I grabbed my trusty camera.

So Pretty
So Pretty

The road was narrow so I put on a safety vest. Charly’s outfit sparkled in the sunlight and I figured she’d stand out more than my gray shirt and pants. Aside from that, there’s no way I could get her to put on a dayglo orange vest over that dress.

“Hey, buddy, can you tell me where…” a guy in a construction truck started to ask.

“I’m not from around here. I’m just a crazy tourist stopping to take pictures,” I quickly responded.

“Oh, I thought,” pointing to my vest, “you were a highway worker.”

I guess he didn’t see Charly.

Charly on Route 66 in MIssouri
Charly on Route 66 in MIssouri

“Charly, go grab my Route 66 sign from the back deck,” I asked.

She returned and sat it on the post of the bridge and then rested on the post. Of course I was going to grab a photo.

About the 66 Sign

The 66 sign you will see has been on every bit of Route 66 I can find. When I stop I take it out, lay it face down on the ground, and kick it around. As a result, molecules of it scrape off on rocks, whey it picks up dust and dirt from Route 66.

It’s part of Route 66 now, and Route 66 is part of it. Someday I’ll auction it off, but for now, it’s aging.