Sobering day today. We visited the Oklahoma City Bombing Site. Charly is hardly old enough to remember that day, but Brent remembers it well.

First Thing

The first thing Charly wanted to do is take a dip in the pool, however the night’s rain cooled the air and with the cloud cover things were a bit chilly. Brent met up with her down by the pool.

“Coming for breakfast?” Brent asks.

Charly, pinning her hair back as if she was about to get in the water smiled and said, “I thought I was going to take a swim, but it’s a little too cold.”

No Swimming Today
No Swimming Today

“Okay,” Brent said as he turned and headed towards the breakfast room, “I’ll see you inside after you get dressed.”

“Who said I was going to get dressed,” she yelled back at him.

“The sign in the hotel that reads, ‘No swimsuits in the lobby or dining room’,” Brent said without skipping a beat.

Charly only growled as she grabbed her towel and stomped towards her room.

The Sobering Drive

The sobering drive to downtown Oklahoma City wasn’t anything like the reality of the matter. After finding a place to park, we walked across the street to the memorial.

One first notices the empty chairs that represent those killed that day. Then you notice the chain link fence with momentos and tributes to those who died that day. Children, wives, mothers, fathers, husbands, sons and daughters gone in an instance in a blast and ball of flames.

Reminders of Those Who Died - Sobering
Reminders of Those Who Died

What kind of evil existed in the heart of Timothy McVey and his companions that they would do such an evil thing. This was cold, planned well in advance, calculated and without warning. Evil. It is the only word that describes their actions that day.

I stood there and wept. It is beyond comprehension as to why they would do this. Across the street is a statue. It depicts how Jesus must have felt that day too.

Jesus wept. Sobering
Jesus wept.

The reflecting pool is a beautiful memorial. At the end, on the other side of that gray wall, are remnants of concrete and rebar. To the right, empty chairs for those who died.

Memorial in Oklahoma City
Memorial in Oklahoma City

They blew up a daycare center! To me, that’s the most disgusting part of their actions. The very thought drags me into sorrow. Thank goodness for a God who accepted these children in to his kingdom and will exalt them.

I had to ask, “Why, God? Why?”

The comforting answer I got was God doesn’t interfere with men’s agency -(for evil or good), however, his compassion extends to those who die in innocence. They died as martyrs and their place in heaven is guaranteed, while those who did this will suffer in hell.