Day 9 – The Small Stuff

As we leave our friends in Joplin, we head southwest on Historic Route 66.  We keep seeing the small stuff as we drive along.  By small stuff, I’m talking about an old car here, a service station there and someone’s homemade Route 66 sign. (Original on-the-road post for Day 9 is here.)

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Our New Friends in Joplin – Rachel, Paul and Danny

… or how about a Route 66 Pawn Shop?  We saw a few of them along the way.

copyright 2017 db walton
Small Stuff – A Pawn Shop on Route 66

Another race track on Route 66…

copyright 2017 db walton
Small Stuff – Joplin Route 66 Speedway

And this guy’s Route 66 has to be one of my favorites.  He used old car wheels to form the 66 and then placed an old Ford at the top.

copyright 2017 db walton - Small Stuff
Small Stuff – Homemade Route 66 Sign

Red Car Day

It looks like a red car day.  First we see this alongside the road…

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Red Car #1

It looks like the back half of this has been fabricated out of sheetmetal, with the front of a Model A Ford.  You see a lot of stuff like this along Route 66.  It’s a yard decoration.

Then there’s Red Car #2…

copyright 2017 dbwalton
Red Car #2

Upon close inspection this appears to be some kit car.  It had a VW engine in the back.  Another yard decoration from the looks of things.

Things Get Interesting

Outside of town we see this old locomotive and caboose.  We stop to take a few pictures.  The pretty flowers in the foreground give you a feel for what Route 66 is like outside Joplin, Missouri.

It is also time to give my Route 66 sign a piece of Missouri.  I stomped it in the gravel on the shoulder of the road and found an old brick cobblestone and threw it at the sign.  My sign will have pieces of Route 66 DNA embedded all over it by the time I get finished.

copyright 2017 db walton
Old Locomotive


copyright 2017 db walton
Route 66 Sign in Missouri

Of course, we stop so Paul can photograph these bridges.  I think he was fascinated by the ages of the Route 66 bridges.  As a result we spent a lot of time at bridges.  A few times I’d have to hunt Paul down and yell, “Hey, let’s get a move on.”

copyright 2017 db walton

So much of Route 66 parallels railroad tracks.  Along here the pavement is new, but those little white circles you see to the right of the road, just off the shoulder… those are to protect small saplings that have been planted.

copyright 2017 db walton
New Pavement and Newly Planted Trees

Somewhere around here we cross in to Kansas.  Kansas is the only state not represented in the Route 66 song!  It crosses through the southeast corner of the state as you head in to Oklahoma.

In my next recap I’ll show you some cool stuff we see in Kansas.  Kansas is a Route 66 gem if you ask me.