Painted Desert

Today we passed through the Painted Desert.  It makes me wonder what early auto travelers thought when they had to drive through Arizona.  It’s pretty desolate.

copyright 2017 db walton
Painted Desert

For the first time today we hit an area where there was NO CELL COVERAGE.  Of course, you couldn’t see any cell towers and civilization.  Besides, it wouldn’t make much sense for cellular companies to put towers in the middle of a desert where nobody lives.

Unknown Destination

Our destination was unknown today.  We didn’t know if we would be in Winslow or Flagstaff or some other city.  Because we couldn’t communicate to Elizabethe (who has been handling our lodging arrangements), we didn’t know how far to drive.

We finally made contact when we started getting a very faint cellular signal.  She said she kept striking out on the hotels and motels along Route 66.  She finally made a paid reservation at one in Flagstaff.

Elizabethe commented that she now starts with the highest rated and highest prices.  From a marketing standpoint, this all makes sense.  More successful businesses understand the value of marketing and advertising.  And, that’s one thing we are doing on this trip… marketing and advertising.

Our Best Products – Our Best Advertisers

Bay Photo

is one of the top photo labs in the nation.  While many people rank a certain Midwest lab #1, my experience is they are not as good as Bay in most aspects.  Bay Photo saw the value of our trip and jumped on the opportunity.  Paul and I hope our efforts send business their way.

We met a guy in the Painted Desert near Old Route 66 who was taking photos.  We talked a bit about photography, and I showed him the Bay Photo image of a rusty old car (like the one we had been photographing) printed on maple wood.  He was VERY impressed.  I then showed it to his wife.  She too was very impressed.

copyright 2017 db walton
This would look nice on a Maplewood print from Bay Photo

Winslow, Arizona

I went to Winslow, Arizona, about 9 years ago with my daughter Natalie and a bunch of photographer friends.  Someone since told me it has changed a lot.   It hasn’t.  It is just as I remembered it from my last trip to Winslow with one exception – an additional statue of an older Glen Frey.

copyright 2017 db walton
Standing on a Corner

While there we met a couple from the Netherlands.  We talked to them, took pictures together.  It was fun.  We also met a man from Manitoba, Canada, who is riding Route 66 on his motorcycle.

copyright 2017 db walton
Nikki and Pablo from the Netherlands
copyright 2017 db walton
View From Her Flatbed Ford
copyright 2017 db walton
Bob from Canada
copyright 2017 db walton
The Corner Intersection

Twin Arrows at Sunset

We ran out of daylight quickly.  We stopped at the abandoned Twin Arrows at sunset and took pictures as the sun went down.  It’s only a few miles from Flagstaff.  As a result, it didn’t impact us too much.

Because it was dark we used our tripods, and took some long exposures.

copyright 2017 db walton
Twin Arrows


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