Oklahoma Capital was our next stop. I was still drying my eyes while we drove to the capital building. In many ways I want to shake this feeling. On the other hand, sadness and outrage helps us to remember we have a loving God who only allows evil so we can exercise agency. He will punish the wicked.

We parked at the Oklahoma Capital grounds and Charly was off before I could get my camera equipment. I made sure I had my batteries, spare memory cards and needed lenses.

“Hey, Brent!” I heard Charly yell, “What do you think is up here?”

Charly About to Get in Trouble - Oklahoma Capital
Charly About to Get in Trouble

Before I could tell her I don’t think she’s supposed to be there, two armed policemen were handcuffing her. I debated on whether to let them know she was with me, or just let them haul her off. I decided to do the honorable thing.

“Officers,” I hollered, “she’s with me and I’m sure she didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to be there.”

The officers beckoned me over, and I walked over.

“Is this young lady with you, sir?” the one officer asked.

“Yeah,” I said expressing a look of innocence.

The officer turned to Charly and said, “How did you climb the fence, ma’am?”

Charly looked very surprised and replied, “Climb? I walked through the gate,” and pointed to an open gate.

“Officer,” I began, “if I may point out there isn’t a ‘No Trespassing’ sign over there.”

We walked towards the gate while the other officer stayed with Charly. Sure enough, the “No Trespassing” sign was only visible when the gate was shut.

Looking at me over the top of his mirrored Ray Bans, “It looks like it’s your friends lucky day,” he said.

We walked back to Charly and the other office.

“You can uncuff her,” he said to the other officer, and then looked at Charly and added, “Ma’am, our sincere apologies. While that gate is normally closed and a no trespassing sign visible, someone left it open today. You’re free to go.”

We stood and talked to the kind officers for a bit while they told us about the display Charly was about to climb on. Oklahoma City is a big oil town. The Sooners were to oil what the 49ers were to the Gold Rush. They also pointed out the capital building is undergoing renovation, but is open on the inside.

“And,” the officer smiled at Charly, “Please don’t let us have to arrest you for climbing on the scaffolding,” and then winked.

I saw his humor, but I think Charly was still a bit scared after the handcuffing incident. Visibly shaken, Charly just nodded her head showing she understood.

“I’ll keep her on a short leash officer,” I said in a stern voice, “Come on Charly. Oh, officer, can I borrow your handcuffs? I figure if I cuff her to me she can’t wander far.”

Charly took one big step away from the three of us, and the three of us men laughed, but Charly obviously thought I was serious.

“Come on, Charly, I’m only joking,” I said, “But stick close. I don’t have bail money.” Then, turning to the officers I said, “Thanks again for making this a pleasant experience.”

Charly Happy to Not Be In Jail
Charly Happy to Not Be In Jail

Oklahoma Capital Building Renovation

The Oklahoma Capital Building renovation didn’t stop us from seeing the beautiful interior of the building. Charly noticed her bright red dress went perfectly with the bright red flags flying around the exterior of the plaza.

Under the Dome Inside
Under the Dome Inside

We spent several hours inside looking at the beautiful displays and learning about the State of Oklahoma.

Oh, as a side note, they have the BEST gasoline prices in Oklahoma!!!