Motoring thru Missouri is pretty fun. It’s a beautiful state. There are rolling hills and lots of green trees.

I had read about a bridge that makes a turn mid-span and was the site of many wrecks. They call it the Devil’s Elbow for that reason. As we the GPS started telling us we were getting closer we began to encounter a lot of bikers on Harley Davidson motorcycles. It’s a beautiful day for riding.

Suddenly we saw many of them parked on the side of the road. As we came around the corner, there was the bridge… and a bunch of BIKERS. It turns out at this end of the bridge there was a biker-bar.

The bar was completely submerged a few years ago (2017) when the river rose during a storm. (Note, they also got some bad storms this year, 2019.) I guess even though the bar is closed and being rebuilt, the bikers still make a pilgrimage to it.

“Charly,” I said, “you took dance lessons. Show me your parents didn’t waste their money and go dance at the entrance to that bridge.”

“Okay!” Charly enthusiastically said.

“If I shout, ‘MOVE’, that means you need to get to the side of the road,” I instructed.

Charly just rolled her eyes, as usual.

“Hey, you never know how fast someone might be motoring thru Missouri!” I laughed.

Dancing at Devil's Elbow while Motoring thru Missouri.
Dancing at Devil’s Elbow

Flood Damage

Not far away was a park where a barn had some sever flood damage. It’s hard to imagine how high the water was. In a few places are markers people have placed to show the water height. You can also see how high up the water was from the bark on the trees (they trap the silt).

“Gosh, Charly, don’t you ever wear shoes?” I yell out.

Flood Damaged Barn with NO SHOES
Flood Damaged Barn with NO SHOES

“You’ve seen me wearing shoes,” she grumbles thinking I can’t hear her.

I just snapped the picture anyway. We’ll see how many times she’s barefoot in my photos.

Motoring Thru Missouri – the Plains

Well, not all of MIssouri is rolling hills. Part of Missouri is in the Great Plains. It’s rather flat. When you look at the map of the U.S.A. you can think of a big circle that takes in parts of Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri… and a few other states where it is FLAT.

So it was with some of our driving today.

“Hey, that big sign looks like it used to be quite the place,” I said while pointing the Witmor Farms sign.

Witmor Farms
Witmor Farms

It was an uneventful stop. I grabbed a photo of Charly as she ran by me.

Then there’s a building looked like it could use some TLC. Inside, like a ghost town, looked like it had been suddenly abandoned. I really couldn’t tell if it is open seasonally, or if they just left everything.

Buckhorn Grocery Store
Buckhorn Grocery Store

It was about then when I spotted a walking stick bug on the wall.

“Charly, ever see a twig stuck to a wall like this?” I asked her.

“No. That’s cool,” she said getting in closer for a look.

I reached out and touched my finger to it’s butt, and it went in to an attack position. Charly let out a scream as she wasn’t expecting it to move.

“It’s okay. It’s a harmless insect,” I said.

“Keep it away from me. Does it bite?” she screamed.

“No, it doesn’t bite. Did you miss the part about harmless?” I said.

What’s With This Place?

“What’s with this place?” Charly asks.

“What do you mean?” unsure of what she’s talking about.

“It seems like everything is abandoned,” she said discouragingly.

“A lot of people don’t travel Route 66,” I explained, “and those, like us, who do expect to see some abandoned places. That said, I plan to spend something whenever we go inside a business. They need the business, and that’s what will keep Route 66 alive.”

What's with this place?
What’s with this place?

We stopped at Gascozark Cafe (another place not in business). I’m thinking Charly wishes more places were open so she could look at trinkets and not wait for me to wander around taking pictures.

I'm Hungry
I’m Hungry

I could tell she was getting bored with the abandoned places, and before I could ask she said, “I’m hungry. Let’s find a place to eat.”

We hit the road, and our first stop wasn’t exactly our idea of a meal, but I just had to try a chocolate dipped Twinkie.

Chocolate Dipped Twinkie
Chocolate Dipped Twinkie