EnlightInn was our first stop after the drive-in movies last night. I dropped Charly off at her cottage and went straight to mine. We were both beat.

Knock – knock – knock.

No answer.

Avoiding being too cliche and knocking shave-and-a-haircut, I decided to do a Morse Code comma.

Knock — knock — knock-knock — knock — knock.

“Hold your horses,” I heard coming from inside Charly’s cottage.

A few seconds later, she yells, “You can come in, I’m decent now. It’s safe.”

I opened the door, but remained on the front step.

Charly Isn't Ready at EnlightInn
Charly Isn’t Ready

“WHAT! You aren’t ready to get breakfast?” I said trying not to get angry. “Put some clothes on and let’s go.”

“Whoa! I made an appointment to visit their sensory deprivation tank,” Charly said looking at me like I should understand.

“Sensory, what?” I said rather loudly.

“Sensory deprivation. They put you in a tank filled with mineral water and turn off the lights while you float in the darkness,” she explained.

“Okay, that’s sounding a little like stuff the C.I.A. does in war zones,” I said raising an eyebrow.

Charly started laughing which was getting me more irate, but before I could blow a fuse, she said, “You arranged for us to stay at a health spa, shouldn’t we take advantage of the amenities?”

I took a step back and realized I did reserve this nice cottages, and I did read that it was a health spa.

“Okay…” thinking of what to ask, “… what time do you think we should hit the road?”

“Chill, dude, and take a dip in the tank too,” she smiled.

“Uh, get in a tank, no lights… with you?” I said reluctantly.

“Heaven sakes NO,” she said glaring at my like I had lost my marbles, “To steal your words, that would be inappropriate. Go see if the sauna is available, or something like that.”

I closed the door to her cottage, scratched my head, and thought about what I should do while she pampers herself. Maybe I’ll go get breakfast… they do serve food here.

EnlightInn Charm

EnlightInn has quite the charm. In its day it was a motel for Route 66 travelers. The current owners remodeled the cottages and did an amazing job.

A couple of the buildings are dedicated to spa services, and the main building is the office and juice bar. It has a hominess to it. I could stay there for days.

I decided to get a smoothie.

“What do you recommend?” I asked the young lady at the counter.

“I personally like the Hippy Hippy Shake,” she responded.

Being a big fan of Tommy James and the Shondels, how could I NOT get the Hippy Hippy Shake.

“You convinced me,” I said, pulling out my wallet, “I’ll take a Hippy Hippy Shake.”

EnlightInn Hippy Hippy Shake
EnlightInn’s Hippy Hippy Shake

She handed me my shake and reading my expression she said, “Try it. I realize the color is a little off-putting, but you need to taste it.”

Telling myself its about the same color as a chocolate shake, I took a sip.

“Hey, this is REALLY good,” I said.

Back on the Road

Charly finished her spa treatment (which is about all she talked about for the rest of the day), and we hit the road.

We didn’t make it very far until we saw my friend Paul with another photographer setting up their MoLights.

“Hey, Paul,” I yelled out the car window, “want to shoot Charly?”

Landing a punch on my shoulder, Charly growled, “Nobody is going to SHOOT me.”

I pulled the car over and Charly ran over to greet Paul and his buddy.

Charly Showing Off to the Camera
Charly Showing Off to the Camera

After a discussion with the other two photographers about the great service and products at MoLight, Charly and I were back on the road again.

Special Thanks

A special thanks to EnlightInn. They were kind enough to put Paul and I up for a night when we did our Route 66 Tour. I HIGHLY recommend staying at EnlightInn when you travel through Tulsa. The cottages are cozy, but also loaded with home amenities. The staff is friendly and wonderful to talk to.

Another special thinks to Michael Mowbray, owner of MoLight, for providing some equipment during our tour. Not only does Michael service what he sells, but he USES what he sells. He doesn’t sell anything that he can’t support or offer advice on its use.