Day 9 – Surprises in Joplin

We had some surprises in Joplin this morning.  I got up and went to the office at the Enlight Inn and ordered a smoothy.  My Hippy Hippy Shake had a few ingredients I wasn’t quite sure about, but when I got it, my fear of kale in a shake went away.  It’s taste was delicious.

copyright 2017 db walton
Enlight Inn Kitchen

That was surprise 1.

Surprises 2 & 3

Paul and I had been fretting because we hadn’t an opportunity to use our MoBD yet.  Our model in Saint Louis flaked on us.  (Oh, here’s a great article on the subject of models flaking.)  So, we were trying to figure out when we could use it and feature it in our blog.

We’re driving through downtown Joplin Missouri and I see this guy with light stands, camera and a model.  We parked and went and introduced ourselves to him.  If that wasn’t surprise enough, to find someone shooting downtown, he also uses MoLight!


We asked if he’d like to try out some other MoLight products.  He was agreeable, so I went back to the car to fetch our lighting equipment.  Upon return we merged his MoLight equipment with our MoLight equipment and started shooting.

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Danny and Paul Shoot Away

Surprise 4

While we were shooting, a guy came up and asked if we’d like some free Jimmy John’s sandwiches.


As a result we got a free lunch too.

Live is full of surprises.