Bicycling would be fun along Route 66. We came to this little plaza where they used old bicycles to decorate. It’s a cool idea for re-purposing old bicycles. Each one painted a different color.

The village is Cuba, Missouri. That’s right, Cuba. (There’s a Cuba, New York, too. It’s where they invented Cuba Cheese. Seriously.)

“Oh, how fun,” Charly exclaimed as she ran to jump on one of the bicycles.

Bicycling on Route 66
Bicycling on Route 66

“Whoa! I don’t think they mean for you to climb on those,” I yelled, but too late.

I figured if the police come along, I don’t know this girl.

Across the street was a quaint little cottage. Unfortunately, it was closed and we couldn’t go in and check things out. In fact, the entire little village seemed to have rolled up the sidewalks. (We ran in to that a lot. I’m not sure if it was because the season had ended, or if it was just too late in the day.)

Across the street from the bicycles - bicycling!
The Fourway Restaurant

One Armed Bandits

This was Charly’s first run-in with a one-armed bandit. We stopped at this Wax Museum. It was rundown on the outside, but it had a nice gift shop. I stocked up on postcards.

Bicycling - Jesse James Wax Museum
Jesse James Wax Museum

“Look at this cowboy thingy,” Charly said looking quizzically.

“That’s a one-armed bandit,” I said.

“Huh? What does it do? Does it shoot you?” she asked.

“No, it takes your money and you willingly give it up without any duress,” I explained further, “it’s called a slot-machine.”

“Oh, like those things in the casinos?” she asked.

“Exactly,” I punctuated.

One-Armed Bandit
One-Armed Bandit

“Fake,” she said as she picked up a slug from the machine’s hand.

Bicycling On

Well, I wish we were bicycling. The weather is perfect. But, back to the car and we’re on down the road looking for a place to eat.

Now, when I think of BBQ, I think of Texas, Carolina, and Chicago. I don’t often think of Missouri. But, we came across this place where they called the waitresses “Hick Chicks”. Afterall, we were on the Ozarks.

Bicycling - Hick Chicks
Hick Chicks

“Ladies, this is Charly, you’re next Hick Chick,” I said before they could seat us.

Everyone laughed… except Charly.

A Missouri Hick
A Missouri Hick

After a nice lunch we were on our way again.

Boulevard Bicycling

Wow, I have bicycling on my mind today. Much of Route 66 in the central states is rather flat. It would be fun to bicycle.

It was warming up so Charly changed… again.

“Hey, what happened to the goth outfit?” I said rolling my eyes.

“It’s too hot,” she said striking a pose while lifting her hair.

Making a Boulevard Stop
Making a Boulevard Stop

“Yeah, those guys over at the bar are staring,” I said hoping to make the point, “well… they’d probably stare anyway.”

“Maybe I’ll ask one of them to drive my car the rest of the way,” she said in a tone letting me know my comments about our revealing outfits weren’t welcome.

Here in St. James, Missouri, Old Route 66 turns in to a nice boulevard with a sidewalk down the center.

Evidently this place has a population of 91. It appears that at one time the economy of Route 66 treated them better.

Stag Bar
Stag Bar
What’s Left of a Derby Service Station

With it growing late… and it’s almost dinner time now… we’re on to the next town.