Day 4 – Springfield to Saint Louis Continued

Traveling to Saint Louis continued, we leave the cobblestone highway and we come upon this…

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Concrete and Bumpy

The above photo illustrates a few things.  1) What’s left of Route 66 goes through residential portions of towns.  2)  It is different depending on where you are.  3) There might not be any lane markings — just a seam down the center of the concrete.

Coal Towns

Again, the markers in Illinois for Route 66 are fantastic.  They have that retro look, and they also tell the local stories.  In this case, it is about “Coal Towns”.  When I think of coal mining, I seldom think of Illinois.

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Route 66 Coal Towns Sign

The town of Virden is more than just a coal town.  In 1898 a war (battle) broke out over labor rights.  In the center of town you’ll find a  mural as a remembrance.  You’ll also find this monument to veterans.

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Virden Monument to Veterans

Nilwood, Illinois

Not far from Verden is Nilwood.  This sleepy little town has the most interesting post office I’ve ever seen.

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Post Office

But, just down the street is this biker’s club with this cool mural on the wall…

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Biker Club in Nilwood, Illinois

Just in front of this biker’s club they were paving Historic Route 66…

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Note the Alignment Dates


If you notice the sign says 1926-30.  What that means is this section of Historic Route 66 was U.S. Highway 66 from 1926-30.  You see this often where there are more than one section in an area.  This is because they moved the highway for various reasons.

In these case, you often end up traveling around the block to see the other section(s).  Our 2,500 miles of Route 66 was double that.  We drove more than 5,200 miles because we did a lot of doubling-back.

Turkey Tracks

This is most definitely the funniest part of the road.  I mean, the road itself.  Cobblestones were cool, but turkey tracks in the concrete… now that’s just funny.

Evidently when they pour the concrete, a turkey decided to cross the road… and then he changed his mind.

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Turkey Tracks – a Route 66 Landmark

Why did the turkey cross the road?

copyright 2017 db walton
Why did the turkey cross the road?

He obviously wanted to get his kicks on Route 66.  And, it looks like he left some behind.


We’re still on day 4, and still heading to St. Louis.  So check back tomorrow for more day 4 recapping.

Changes Coming

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