Day 4 – Saint Louis Getting Closer

Saint Louis is Getting Closer.  After leaving the turkey tracks (which were on a side alignment), we  came across Polly’s Restaurant.  It seems like Polly’s is closed down.

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Polly’s – A good location, but business closed

You see a lot of this on Route 66.  Most of these places cannot survive on local traffic alone.  As a result, they need 3 things to keep them alive.

  1. Something that screams – I’m on ROUTE 66!  Things like old cars out front, murals on the wall, old highway signs inside and out, etc.
  2. Something that makes you unique – a food dish that can only be bought here, decore that is very unique, etc.
  3. Consistency – If someone tells someone else about your establishment, and that someone else comes to visit, they need to have the exact same experience.  This is especially true for returning customers.

I didn’t include location on the list because being on Route 66 IS the LOCATION.


Scoby (pronounced SKO BEE, not SKOO BEE), is a T-Rex welded out of old junk parts.  He’s still a work in progress.  He guards the entrance to Carlinville on Route 66.

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Introducing us to Scoby


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The owner/creator of Scoby showed us the details of the teeth.

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Scoby’s Creator Admiring His Work

After explaining to us how he created Scoby, he took us inside his shop.  Metal lathes, milling machines, welding equipment and presses showed he’s been working with metal for a very long time.

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Inside the Shop Where Scoby was Created


We joked that the town was named after George Carlin.  In actuality Carlinville is named for Thomas Carlin, 7th Governor of Illinois.  Located in Macoupin County, it features a quaint downtown, an impressive county building and the old “Cannonball Jail”.

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Downtown Carlinville

As Route 66 dissects downtown, one notices the impressive dome.  This beautiful downtown features a parking plaza in the center of it all as Route 66 makes its way around and through this old business district.  (Note, as you enter town from the north, there are several newer businesses.)

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Courthouse/County Building (left) and “Cannonball” jail (right)

Paul and I stopped to check out the old jail and county building.  The jail was built in 1869.  Between the stone blocks are cannonballs.  Hence the name, “Cannonball Jail”.  The idea was it would make it harder to penetrate the walls.


This is why you should read our recaps.  Our original post on day 4 did not include much detail.

Keep on Reading

We entered the courthouse and asked the guards if we could see the rotunda and take pictures.  They kindly obliged.  As a result, we took these beautiful pictures.

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Rotunda in the Macoupin Illinois County Courthouse
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Macoupin Illinois County Courthouse Courtroom
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Macoupin Illinois County Courthouse Halls


An Eye Out for Closed Sections

I keep an eye out for closed sections of Route 66.  Because Route 66 is decommissioned, other state and Federal roads bypass abandoned sections.  Most of all, looking for them is necessary.

Since I am looking for them, I usually spot them.  Such is the case today.  This is probably the hardest to spot because it is in a gully below the main working highway.

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Abandoned, but not closed to cars.
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It becomes closed
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My Route 66 Sculpture on the Scene

Further Down Historic Route 66

Further down Historic Route 66 we came across the monument.

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Family Built and Maintained


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