We arrived in Chicago early in the morning and Charly decided to dress up for breakfast. Donning a chiffon dress with a matching handbag, off we went to find breakfast.

Along the way, we met Paul. He was out taking pictures with his Nikon camera. I started humming Paul Simon’s Kodachrome. That went completely over Charly’s head, but she was happy to oblige him.

Something tells me Charly and I will see a lot of Paul on this trip. Chicago isn’t going to be our only encounter.

It was pretty easy finding Route 66 as the signs are clearly marked. I took time to explain to Charly why Route 66 is so popular. She’s young enough she doesn’t remember a day when there weren’t freeways. Heck, she’s young enough she doesn’t remember rotary phones, slide rules and payphones.

It’s going to be an interesting trip.

Charly and Paul

Eastern Terminus – Chicago

There we stood at the eastern terminus of Historic Route 66. Route 66 is two streets there – one the eastern start, the other the eastern finish. Both one-way streets, of course.

Following the song, Route 66, we took the direction mentioned in the song, “It winds from Chicago to L.A.”

Downtown Chicago isn’t as congested as New York City, San Francisco or Los Angeles. We walked the old Route 66 until we were starting to leave the high-rise portion of the city. We then crossed over a block and walked back heading east on the east-bound one-way Route 66.