Route 66 Detour

We will take a Route 66 detour today.  You can’t travel Route 66 and NOT stop at the Grand Canyon.  It’s a day trip from Flagstaff and/or Williams, Arizona.  Today we leave Flagstaff and head to the Grand Canyon for the day and night.

Complementary Quid Quo Pro Along the Way

The other day I commented that it is a good thing some establishments do not take us up on our quid quo pro offer to do a favorable review in exchanged for complementary services.

Every place that has offered complementary services, whether a room or meal, has been high class.  Great customer service, a clean environment, and more.

On the other hand, while I won’t disclose the names of any vendor who turns our offer down, I do want to show you something that supports my theory.  My theory is turn-downs are afraid of bad reviews for a very good reason.

One picture is worth 1000 words.  Here is a picture from the breakfast room at today’s hotel (one we paid full price for)…

copyright 2017 db walton
This is just one example of how messy this place is.

Different Approach

So, for the rest of the trip, we’re taking a different approach.  If you offer a quid quo pro it is because we have already checked the place out and believe it to be a place we can write a favorable review.  (Perhaps we’ve been lucky getting comp’d services from really good places.  But, I would hate to have been comp’d by this motel last night.)

So, if your business gets a phone call, or if we present one of our cards, take it as a complement.  We have checked and your establishment is one we want to feature on our website.

Again, we’re looking for places we can without equivocation say are good places to stay and eat.