Grand Canyon

While the Grand Canyon is not right on Route 66, it is only 1 hour north.  When you drive Route 66, you might as well take a day and visit the Grand Canyon.

That is exactly what Paul and I did.  We started at Desert View (east end) and worked our way to the west end of the South Rim.  We met lots of people.  Half the fun was walking around offering to take people’s picture (instead of their attempting a selfie), and then taking pictures with our cameras.

We met a wedding photographer whom I told about PPA and Bay Photo.  She says she has a lab, but I recommended she set up an account and do a sample order.

Where’s Paul

The Canyon was crowded.  At one point, I turned and Paul wasn’t around.  I thought he got bored and moved down the trail.  I started down the trail thinking I would run in to him.

Soon, it was pitch black, and so I made my way back to the car.  About 10 minutes later, Paul was outside the car saying, “Brent?”  (Again, it was pitch dark.)

We were both relieved that he made his way back to the car.

Sunset at the Canyon

The sunset at the canyon was nice.  While it wasn’t real dramatic, the lighting against the west facing walls was the cool part.

I’m just going to show you the pictures and let you enjoy them…