A day of rest is needed. What does 7 days without a day of rest do to you? It makes one weak. (That’s an old Sunday School joke.) It’s time to take some time and rest, go to church and spend the day kicking back. People of lost sight of why it is important to take one day a week and rest for your labors (or in Charly‘s and my case, our play).

Heading Downstairs for Breakfast on a Day of Rest

I knocked on Charly’s door and asked if she was going downstairs for breakfast. We entered the elevator and Charly immediately began to push every floor button.

“What are you doing?” I asked with some irritation in my voice.

“Pushing all the buttons so it will stop on every floor,” she replied as if I hadn’t seen what she was doing.

“I see that,” I said, “Now we have to wait for the elevator to stop at each floor.”

About then, every light on the elevator control panel turned off and the door opened again.

“What the… ” Charly said in confusion.

Again, she punched every button. The door closed, and then the lights all turned off, and the door opened again.

“Ugh,” she grunted.

After pushing every button, the same thing happened. The door closed, the lights all turned off, and the door opened.

I started laughing.

“What so funny?” Charly snapped.

“This elevator has met your kind before,” I smugly said, “Whomever programmed it knew your kind and set it up so you can’t push all the buttons.”

“We’ll see,” she said as she pushed them all again.

Same thing happened.

“UHG!” she said as though this was inconveniencing here.

This time she only pushed 3 of the 4 floors. The doors shut, and the elevator continued down to the lobby only making 1 stop. The 4th floor button then reset as we boarded on the 3rd floor.

“Pretty smart elevator,” I smiled, “if you ask me.”

Pushing All the Buttons - A Day of Rest
Pushing All the Buttons

Stepping Out

After breakfast, we stepped out and went to a local church. On the way home, we had to stop at lot with an old truck.

“Hey, have you ever noticed old cars look like the have faces,” Charly asked. “Like on Cars.”

“Often,” I answered. “Go stand over there and make a face like that old truck and I’ll snap your picture.”

Charly Imitating an Old Truck - Click to read article at the Smithsonian.
Charly Imitating an Old Truck

Finding a Place for Dinner on a Day of Rest

Normally, I wouldn’t go to a restaurant on the Day of Rest. Travel is an exception except when staying with family. I take Exodus 20:10 seriously when it says we shouldn’t make other people work either. At times I feel almost apologetic and want to tell the people at the restaurant, “I’m sorry for making you work on the Sabbath.”

“We’re in Texas. Let’s see if we can find some Tex Mex,” I said to Charly.

“Tex Mex?” she asked.

“Texas Mexican food,” I said thinking it makes sense to me.

“I didn’t know there was a difference,” she said.

“Even in Mexico, Mexican food is different wherever you go. Mexican food in the U.S.A. varies by region – California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas… they all have their style of preparing Mexican food,” I assured her. “Google it.”

“I believe you,” she said.

“No, ask your phone where the nearest Tex Mex restaurant is,” I said while recognizing my ambiguity.

Tex Mex

Charly found a place and talked me through the turns. We entered in and it was very reminiscent of a Mexican restaurant.

“Good choice, Charly,” I assured her.

Waiting for Some Tex Mex
Waiting for Some Tex Mex

Charly looked like a lovely senorita with her peasant top and pulled back hair. I swung around to the neighboring booth and snapped a shot.

For a Sunday night, the place wasn’t very crowded. However, I am glad we had a place to eat.

My Dinner
My Dinner

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