August 14, 2019

Lunch and Dinner – Day 11

Lunch and dinner are always fun adventures on Route 66. Someone recently asked me, “Is there any healthy food options on Route 66?”


Fast food is what a road trip is all about. While breakfast is usually a complimentary breakfast at the hotel or motel, lunch and dinner are an adventure.


A picnic is a good way to relax and eat on your own schedule. Another bridge, another grassy area under the shade of a tree, and some snacks picked up earlier in the day create a nice way to have lunch without wondering when you’ll find a restaurant.

After eating Charly parked herself under the shade of a tree while I wandered around getting photos.

Another Picnic on Route 66 - Lunch and Dinner
Another Picnic on Route 66

The long bridge in the background is amazing. One truss after another on this bridge.

Back on the Road

I wish I had time to stop at every landmark. A month isn’t long enough. One could take an entire year driving Route 66.

“BRENT!” Charly shouts, “I want to get my cowboy hat.”

“Where is this coming from?” I asked before seeing the Western Motel sign.

We stopped and Charly struck a pose.

Western Motel
Western Motel

Lunch and Dinner Coming

We had a nice picnic lunch and dinner is coming. We decided to check in to our hotel first, and then find somewhere to eat. It’s always a risky thing because you don’t know what is open and what is nearby.

After making a lot of stops for taking pictures, we finally arrived at our hotel in Elk City, Oklahoma. The place was old, but the new owners were in the process of fixing it up. They had it very clean.

I checked in and washed up in preparation for going to dinner. I came out of my room and there was Charly.

Are We Going to Dinner?
Are We Going to Dinner?

“Are we going to dinner?” Charly asks.

She was dressed in a slinky dress as if she was waiting for a hot date. My first thought was, ‘She’s going to be disappointed because it is only me.’

“We?” I asked while spinning around on my heels. “I’m looking for your date.”

Charly giggled and added, “I just felt like getting dressed up.”

“Grab your shoes and we’ll find a place. Should I change? I feel a little underdressed,” I said.

We headed to the lobby where I asked about a place to go eat. I was told the nearest place open at this hour was the attached diner.

“Okay with going to the diner next door?” I asked.

“Sure,” Charly said with a smile.

“Do you want to change? You might be a little over dressed for these… these… locals,” I said.

“No, I’m fine,” she said.

“Are you sure?” I asked, and then added, “There’s going to think I’m some kind of dirty-old-man.”

Laughing, Charly says, “That’s the whole point.”

“Okay, but at least grab a sweater or shawl,” I said.

Charly disappeared in to her room and emerged with a silk shawl, and we headed to the diner. I still felt underdressed, but people will probably be looking at Charly, and not me.

August 9, 2019

Oklahoma Capital – Day 11

Oklahoma Capital was our next stop. I was still drying my eyes while we drove to the capital building. In many ways I want to shake this feeling. On the other hand, sadness and outrage helps us to remember we have a loving God who only allows evil so we can exercise agency. He will punish the wicked.

We parked at the Oklahoma Capital grounds and Charly was off before I could get my camera equipment. I made sure I had my batteries, spare memory cards and needed lenses.

“Hey, Brent!” I heard Charly yell, “What do you think is up here?”

Charly About to Get in Trouble - Oklahoma Capital
Charly About to Get in Trouble

Before I could tell her I don’t think she’s supposed to be there, two armed policemen were handcuffing her. I debated on whether to let them know she was with me, or just let them haul her off. I decided to do the honorable thing.

“Officers,” I hollered, “she’s with me and I’m sure she didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to be there.”

The officers beckoned me over, and I walked over.

“Is this young lady with you, sir?” the one officer asked.

“Yeah,” I said expressing a look of innocence.

The officer turned to Charly and said, “How did you climb the fence, ma’am?”

Charly looked very surprised and replied, “Climb? I walked through the gate,” and pointed to an open gate.

“Officer,” I began, “if I may point out there isn’t a ‘No Trespassing’ sign over there.”

We walked towards the gate while the other officer stayed with Charly. Sure enough, the “No Trespassing” sign was only visible when the gate was shut.

Looking at me over the top of his mirrored Ray Bans, “It looks like it’s your friends lucky day,” he said.

We walked back to Charly and the other office.

“You can uncuff her,” he said to the other officer, and then looked at Charly and added, “Ma’am, our sincere apologies. While that gate is normally closed and a no trespassing sign visible, someone left it open today. You’re free to go.”

We stood and talked to the kind officers for a bit while they told us about the display Charly was about to climb on. Oklahoma City is a big oil town. The Sooners were to oil what the 49ers were to the Gold Rush. They also pointed out the capital building is undergoing renovation, but is open on the inside.

“And,” the officer smiled at Charly, “Please don’t let us have to arrest you for climbing on the scaffolding,” and then winked.

I saw his humor, but I think Charly was still a bit scared after the handcuffing incident. Visibly shaken, Charly just nodded her head showing she understood.

“I’ll keep her on a short leash officer,” I said in a stern voice, “Come on Charly. Oh, officer, can I borrow your handcuffs? I figure if I cuff her to me she can’t wander far.”

Charly took one big step away from the three of us, and the three of us men laughed, but Charly obviously thought I was serious.

“Come on, Charly, I’m only joking,” I said, “But stick close. I don’t have bail money.” Then, turning to the officers I said, “Thanks again for making this a pleasant experience.”

Charly Happy to Not Be In Jail
Charly Happy to Not Be In Jail

Oklahoma Capital Building Renovation

The Oklahoma Capital Building renovation didn’t stop us from seeing the beautiful interior of the building. Charly noticed her bright red dress went perfectly with the bright red flags flying around the exterior of the plaza.

Under the Dome Inside
Under the Dome Inside

We spent several hours inside looking at the beautiful displays and learning about the State of Oklahoma.

Oh, as a side note, they have the BEST gasoline prices in Oklahoma!!!

August 7, 2019

Sobering – Day 11

Sobering day today. We visited the Oklahoma City Bombing Site. Charly is hardly old enough to remember that day, but Brent remembers it well.

First Thing

The first thing Charly wanted to do is take a dip in the pool, however the night’s rain cooled the air and with the cloud cover things were a bit chilly. Brent met up with her down by the pool.

“Coming for breakfast?” Brent asks.

Charly, pinning her hair back as if she was about to get in the water smiled and said, “I thought I was going to take a swim, but it’s a little too cold.”

No Swimming Today
No Swimming Today

“Okay,” Brent said as he turned and headed towards the breakfast room, “I’ll see you inside after you get dressed.”

“Who said I was going to get dressed,” she yelled back at him.

“The sign in the hotel that reads, ‘No swimsuits in the lobby or dining room’,” Brent said without skipping a beat.

Charly only growled as she grabbed her towel and stomped towards her room.

The Sobering Drive

The sobering drive to downtown Oklahoma City wasn’t anything like the reality of the matter. After finding a place to park, we walked across the street to the memorial.

One first notices the empty chairs that represent those killed that day. Then you notice the chain link fence with momentos and tributes to those who died that day. Children, wives, mothers, fathers, husbands, sons and daughters gone in an instance in a blast and ball of flames.

Reminders of Those Who Died - Sobering
Reminders of Those Who Died

What kind of evil existed in the heart of Timothy McVey and his companions that they would do such an evil thing. This was cold, planned well in advance, calculated and without warning. Evil. It is the only word that describes their actions that day.

I stood there and wept. It is beyond comprehension as to why they would do this. Across the street is a statue. It depicts how Jesus must have felt that day too.

Jesus wept. Sobering
Jesus wept.

The reflecting pool is a beautiful memorial. At the end, on the other side of that gray wall, are remnants of concrete and rebar. To the right, empty chairs for those who died.

Memorial in Oklahoma City
Memorial in Oklahoma City

They blew up a daycare center! To me, that’s the most disgusting part of their actions. The very thought drags me into sorrow. Thank goodness for a God who accepted these children in to his kingdom and will exalt them.

I had to ask, “Why, God? Why?”

The comforting answer I got was God doesn’t interfere with men’s agency -(for evil or good), however, his compassion extends to those who die in innocence. They died as martyrs and their place in heaven is guaranteed, while those who did this will suffer in hell.

July 13, 2019

Closed Post Offices – Day 8

Closed Post Offices seems to be a theme along Route 66. This time, it even has Charly miffed. There is no consistency to finding a Post Office open as we travel.

Closed Post Offices seems to be a theme along Route 66. This time, it even has Charly miffed. There is no consistency to finding a Post Office open as we travel.

Closed Post Offices seems to be a theme along Route 66. This time, it even has Charly miffed. There is no consistency to finding a Post Office open as we travel.

I convinced Charly to purchase some postcards. The conversation went like this…

“Hey, Charly, check out this postcard,” I said, “You should get some and send them to your friends.”

“Why?” looking at me with a confused face, Charly went on, “I can just text them or post them on Instagram.”

This time, it was my turn to roll my eyes. I reminisced about the days when you’d run to the mailbox to see if you got anything. A postcard, letter, package, it was like winning the lottery back then.

“Here’s a reason why,” I began with, “tomorrow all of your pictures on Instagram could be gone in the blink of an eye. It could start with a glitch on your phone, or a major outage at Instagram. You have zero control. At least with a postcard, it is something tangible.”

“My phone is tangible,” she said smugly.

“Your phone is tangible, what what is stored on it is intangible and could be gone in a flash,” I explained.

“How so?” she asked defiantly.

“Everything on electronic media is stored via electrons. While an electron is a small subatomic particle, it is one of the most unstable particles on the planet. An electron enters a wire only to force the an electron to hop off at the other end. Nature wants balance, and in order for electrons to be of any use, we have to create an imbalance,” as I dove in to my physics lecture.

Charly sat there with raised eyebrows as if to ask, ‘Are you finished yet?’ I could tell using intellect wouldn’t get me far, so I changed direction.

“It’s a tangible gift. Something your friend can hold, touch, pin on the wall, tape to the fridge, and pass down to her children,” I said.

Now her expression was as if she was thinking, ‘Okay, that makes sense.’

“Where’s the nearest Post Office?” Charly asked.

“There has to be one in this small town, we’ll just drive around and look for an American Flag,” I said.

The First Closed Post Offices

The first closed Post Offices (and I say that in the plural, because we found many) appeared to be open. The flag was flying and it was 2:30 in the afternoon. For all intents and purposes, it should have been open.

“Here, Charly. There’s a Post Office,” I said pointing to a red brick corner building.

Charly got out of the car, walked to the door diagonally across the street from where I stood taking pictures. She went to the door, turned around, and walked back to me.

Closed Post Offices #1
Closed Post Offices #1

Before I could ask why she didn’t go inside, she looked at me and said, “It’s closed!”

How could it be closed, I thought. Today isn’t a holiday. It’s a work day. It’s only 2:30 p.m.

“Closed?” I asked while thinking she didn’t even try the door.

“Yes, closed. The sign says the hours on weekdays is 10 a.m. to noon, and then 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.” she stated very matter-of-factly.

“That’s ridiculous!” I proclaimed like a disgruntled customer.

There wasn’t much we could do except to move on.

Other Closed Post Offices

Every stop we made at a post office yield the same results. They don’t all have the same hours. But it seemed that we were always about 15-30 minutes late. If we got there at 4 p.m., they closed at 3:30 p.m. If we got there at 4:45 p.m., they closed at 4:30 p.m.

And they wonder why people complain.

Fixing Her Hair

As I drove, Charly was fixing her hair. I noticed she hasn’t changed clothes yet today. She’s still wearing the same outfit, but obviously, today’s fuss is about her hair.

“I’m tired of the wind blowing this piece of hair in to my eyes,” she said holding a strand out.

I was too busy driving and paying attention to the road to look. We were in a rather rural area and Historic Route 66 had a few bends in the road.

Suddenly I saw a nicely restored drive-in.

66 Drive-In
66 Drive-In

“Can we go to the drive-in and see a movie?” Charly asked with excitement.

“They don’t start the movies until after dark,” I pointed out.

“Okay. I don’t mind waiting,” she said sitting back in her seat.

Looking at my watch and the position of the sun I found it necessary to say something.

“Charly, we’re going to have to wait about 3 and a half hours before sunset, and then another hour before the movie starts,” I explained.

“Oh,” she said with a lot of disappointment in her voice.

“I will tell you what,” I said to ease the disappointment, “since we really aren’t prepared right now, let’s go eat something, grab a few snacks, and return when it is dark.”

“But I want to eat at the drive-in,” she whined like a little child.

Seeing this could be a major disappointment and point of regret later on, I said, “Okay. But, let’s go get some provisions.”

We headed back to the car and started driving to find a store.

Back of the Screen and Ticket Booth
Back of the Screen and Ticket Booth

Drive-In Provisions

When going to the drive-in there are certain provisions one must bring. First, a blanket and pillow. Second, beverages. Yes, you can buy something at the snack bar, but at those costs, you’ll die of thirst or go broke, so you need an ice chest with some drinks. Third, your favorite snack. Again, the snack bar will break you and you need something to snack on during a movie.

We entered the convenience store and I instructed Charly to get one of her favorite candy, some other snack, and a couple of bottles of her favorite beverage. I looked around for a cheap ice chest.

Movie Time

I can’t recall the last time I went to the drive-in, and for Charly, this was a first. We slowly drove up to the ticket booth.

“Is it by the car or per person?” I asked the lady.

“Per person. Two adults?” she asked.

“Is there a senior discount?” I asked.

Bending down to get a better view inside the car, she looked at Charly, and then she looked at me. Being totally unaware, I hadn’t noticed Charly was playing with a curl of my hear behind my ear. Perhaps this earned the glare I received from the lady.

“Senior?” she asks, “Are you over 60?”

“Yes,” I answered.

Looking again past me and at Charly, it was about then I noticed what Charly was doing.

“Stop that!” I said pushing Charly’s hand away, “This lady is going to get the wrong idea.”

If looks could kill, this lady would have slayed me. I gave her the money, and we entered the lot.

“You had this cute curl of hair,” Charly said with a sheepish grin.

“Yeah, thanks to you this lady must think I’m some pervy old man,” I snapped.

“Oh, that’s what you think?” she asked, and then added, “I’ll stand up for anyone who thinks your pervy. I tell them, ‘He’s not pervy, in fact, he’s very prudish.'”

“So, I’m not the one extreme, but the other,” I said continuing, “That’s comforting to know.”

I pulled up to a spot and edged the car forward and backward until the viewing angle was just right. I then reached to the back seat and positioned the ice chest to form a wall between me and miss-hair-fetish.

“Eat your snacks,” I said.

“I thought you were going to get dinner at the snack bar,” she asked.

I drew a deep breath, “That’s right, I did. Come on, let’s get dinner. BUT, no more playing with my hair or anything else that might make people think we’re here for some hanky panky.”

Looking at me with a very confused look, Charly asked, “Hanky panky?”

I can tell I’ve got a lot of explaining about drive-in movies.

July 3, 2019

Day 6 – Rocking It

Rocking It on Day 6 (read on and you'll see). After my little joke about tonight's motel, and grabbing a few photos, we moved on. Consequently, I probably won't be able to pull any more pranks today.

Rocking It on Day 6 (read on and you'll see). After my little joke about tonight's motel, and grabbing a few photos, we moved on. Consequently, I probably won't be able to pull any more pranks today.

Rocking It on Day 6 (read on and you’ll see). After my little joke about tonight’s motel, and grabbing a few photos, we moved on. Consequently, I probably won’t be able to pull any more pranks today.

Driving Route 66 you see a lot of similar stuff. As a result of the Interstate Freeway System you see a lot of nearly ghosts towns, and a lot of depressed areas. It’s too bad. I like small towns.

Soon I see an old service station (no pumps, however), but what’s parked there has my interest. It’s a midnight blue Pontiac!!! It’s the same color as my Grand Prix, only this one is an early model Pontiac.

Charly had already changed outfits. She donned a goth-looking purple and black outfit. Her shoes were almost electric.

“Hey, Charly, I want you to go pose by that beauty,” I said with excitement.

“What’s that? An old model-T?” she asked.

“No, first, it’s NOT a FORD, and second Model-Ts had stamped fenders,” I said hoping to educate her, “While it does kind of look like a Model-A.”

“Huh? Model-As are newer than Model-Ts?” looking confused, Charly asks.

“Yes. Model-Ts came first,” I said just to watch her look more confused. “Go stand over there.”

Rocking it on Day 6 with this old Pontiac
1930 Pontiac

“Oh, look! It’s for sale!” I screamed.

Charly nearly jumped out of her purple platform shoes, “Dude, you scared me,” catching her breath, she adds, “Are you going to buy it?”

This would match my Grand Prix - now that would be rocking it.
This would match my Grand Prix

In My Dreams

After seeing that 1930 Pontiac I’m rocking it in my dreams. Wow, if I had $10,500 and a way to get that home I’d buy it. Imagine opening the garage door and seeing that on one side and my Grand Prix on the other side.

Brent and His 2007 Grand Prix on Route 66, April, 2008
Brent and His 2007 Grand Prix on Route 66, April, 2008


Really Rocking It

“I’ve read about this. It’s the worlds largest rocking chair!” I said as I saw the red monstrosity as large as a big two-story house.

“I’m going to go use the boy’s room,” I said, “I’ll be right back.”

As I returned from the restroom I saw the car, but no sign of Charly. I wasn’t too alarmed. I didn’t hear any other vehicles pull up or anyone walking or talking.

“CHARLY!” I yelled.


“HEY, CHARLY! WHERE ARE YOU!” I cried out again.

Hearing giggling, I looked up and Charly said, “I’m up here.”

Really Rocking It in the Rocking Chair
Really Rocking It in the Rocking Chair

“How… How in the world,” I paused looking around trying to figure this out, “did you get up there?”

“Ha-ha… I’ll never tell,” Charly said with a devilish grin.

“And, in a skirt at that,” I commented.

“Hey, I’m wearing shorts under my skirt,” Charly’s tone was of disgust.

“That’s good, because at this angle,” I started to say.

Interrupting, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re always worried I’ll show too much.”

“Tomorrow’s headlines: PILE UP ON HISTORIC ROUTE 66,” I said laughing.

Charly just rolled her eyes.

May 27, 2019

Day 1 – Chicago L

We walked Route 66 west-bound and crossed under the Chicago L. L is short for the elevated train. There’s a good Wiki article here. Route 66 is Adams Street heading west. The L crosses overhead at S. Weller Street.

I’ve always heard about the Chicago “L” in cop shows in movies and TV, but here I was seeing it for the first time. I told Charly I wanted a picture of her under the L.

She made the sign of the “L”. I wasn’t sure if that was her telling me I’m a loser, or just that sign-language thing so many girls get in to. You know, learning how to finger-spell so they can “talk” to their girl friends at school.

I think there might be a double-entendre message here.

Is she signing the letter "L" because she's standing under the Chicago L?  Or, is she calling me a loser?
L for the Chicago L, or L for Loser?

Perhaps it is all of my camera gear around my neck. She should talk. She’s wearing a cocktail dress and I’m wearing jeans and my Route 66 Photographers shirt.

We continued on walking west on Adams St. down to the South Branch of the Chicago River. It was time to turn around and walk back on Jackson Boulevard (that’s Route 66 eastbound.) Charly is starting to complain about it being lunchtime, how hard it is walking in heels (hmmm… I said dress comfortably) and how hot her dress is.

Charly will just have to wait until we get back to the parking garage. As you can see, street parking is a premium downtown Chicago.

Start at the Beginning in Chicago

If this is your first visit, you can read about this fantasy trip with Charly. Click here to start, and use the menu Blog->Route66 with Charly to see all the posts.

September 20, 2017

Continental Divide

We crossed the continental divide this evening.  It was golden hour, and guess what?  We took pictures of it as the sun started its final descent.

We crossed the continental divide this evening.  It was golden hour, and guess what?  We took pictures of it as the sun started its final descent.

Continental Divide

We crossed the continental divide this evening.  It was golden hour, and guess what?  We took pictures of it as the sun started its final descent.

I’m going to start off with shout-outs to our partners and others…

copyright 2017 db walton
Hawthorne Suites, Alburquerque

We spent a great evening at the Hawthorne Suites in Albuquerque.  They treated us very nicely.  The rooms were clean and nice.  There are many services, restaurants and stores nearby.  They provided us with a very nice room.

copyright 2017 db watlon
Tonight’s Hotel – Holiday Inn Express, Gallup, New Mexico

Tonight we are staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Gallup, New Mexico.  We’ve been treated like royalty since arriving here.  They provided us with a great recommendation for dinner.  We thank them for the room.

We took the front desk’s advice at the Holiday Inn Express and went to Jerry’s downtown Gallup.  The gave us a wonderful meal.  I had chili rellenos, enchilada and a taco plate, and Paul had pork covered with green and red sauce (Christmas, as they call it).  They brought out a basket of sopapillas and a bottle of honey.

I was in food heaven.

copyright 2017 db walton
The Staff at Jerry’s Cafe in Gallup, New Mexico

Thank you to Bay Photo Labs.  We met several photographers today and provided them with press printed book marks, and highly recommended Bay Photo Labs.

Republic Wireless came through today too.


Today we saw more geology than we did old wrecks and abandoned buildings.  It is a nice change.  Some of the country Route 66 passes through is beautiful.  We saw buttes, cliffs, mesas, mountains, rivers, lava beds and high plains.

copyright 2017 db walton
New Mexico Landscape and the Continental Divide (with train in the foreground)

New Mexico

While I was disappointed in Albuquerque’s vagrant problems, overall, the people of New Mexico are very friendly.  There is a scam going on here.  A man comes up and tells you he was on his way to ___ and from ____ and his truck broke down.  He then asks for money.  We’ve seen this twice in 24 hours.

Other than that, once we got away from the big city, we got away from the drug pushers, prostitutes and scammers of Albuquerque.  Somewhere along the way, we stopped at a small burger joint and everyone said, “Hi”, to us and welcomed us to their restaurant.

The people at the Holiday Inn Express and at Jerry’s Grill have been especially friendly.



September 18, 2017

Sunrise Tagging

Nothing like a little sanctioned vandalism first thing in the morning.  Sunrise tagging is the thing to do at Cadillac Ranch where 10 Cadillacs are buried with their butts sticking in the air.

Nothing like a little sanctioned vandalism first thing in the morning.  Sunrise tagging is the thing to do at Cadillac Ranch where 10 Cadillacs are buried with their butts sticking in the air.

Sunrise Tagging

Nothing like a little sanctioned vandalism first thing in the morning.  Sunrise tagging is the thing to do at Cadillac Ranch where 10 Cadillacs are buried with their butts sticking in the air.

copyright 2017 db walton all rights reserved
Before the Sunrise

copyright 2017 db walton all rights reserved
After Dawn

copyright 2017 db walton all rights reserved

Heading West

We’re heading west to Tucumcari, New Mexico.  On the drive I talked to my cousin Kimberly Little (author of several books).  Her and her family live near Albuquerque and we’re hoping to meet when we travel through town.

We stopped at the midway point of Route 66.  It’s just east of the New Mexico State Line.  There’s a diner and a gift shop next door.

The lady at the Sunflower gift shop was the inspiration for Flo in the movie Cars.  We took a picture with her and she signed a postcard I bought.

copyright 2017 db walton
Me, Paul and Fran (aka Flo)


We got to Tucumcari sooner than we expected.  We gained an hour because we went from Central to Mountain time.  While having an extra hour sounds great, we’re beat.  The day has worn us out.

Our motel Quality Inn is VERY clean.  While it’s a very old hotel, it has recently been going through updates.  My room as new carpet and is one of the cleanest rooms I’ve ever stayed in at a motel.

The staff here has been great too.  I HIGHLY recommend Quality Inn here in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

copyright 2017 db walton
Room at Tucumcari Quality Inn

The pool was nice an refreshing giving it reached about 100 today.

copyright 2017 db walton
The Pool at the Quality Inn in Tucumcari, New Mexico

Old Cars, New Friends

I spotted this place with a bunch of old cars, mostly Ramblers, behind a chain link fence.  The sign warned it is private property and guarded by a dog who will bite.  There was a phone number on the fence.  I was about to call it when a man in a big pickup truck pulled up and his front plate read, “Rambler”.

He was on the phone, but he opened the gate, and beckoned us in.  He motioned as if to say, “take pictures”.

We did, and later he got off the phone.  He was so nice.  He invited us to have a bottle of water or soda, and let us take photos of whatever we wanted to photograph.

I had to get a picture of this AMC hood ornament.

copyright 2017 db walton
American Motors Hood Ornament

I never knew AMC had hood ornaments.

We had a fun time visiting with him.

Lots of Thanks

A lots of thanks to day to…

  • MoLight – for great lighting products that can be used on location
  • Bay Photo Labs – We had fun placing Bay Photo stickers where allowed
  • Republic Wireless – great coverage today!
  • Quality Inn – for a couple of very nice rooms for Paul and me, a nice clean pool for us to refresh ourselves in, and great recommendations for dinner (Dell’s Diner)
  • Danny – for the cold bottle of water on a very hot day.


September 17, 2017

Another Walker

Another Walker

We ran in to another walker this morning.  This guy is 79 and walking the full Route 66.  He expects to complete his walk around Thanksgiving time.  His name is Sonny.

Sonny brightened our day.  He has walked nearly every major path in the USA. He walked the Lewis and Clark Trail east to west and then turned around later and walked form west to east.  Pacific Coast Trail?  Of course, and many more.

After leaving Sonny just outside Elk City, Oklahoma, we ran in to a couple of ladies from Scotland riding motorcycles across the U.S.A. on Route 66 – Rachael and Katrina.  We not only ran in to them at a Route 66 Museum, but then again at Slug Bug Ranch, and again at dinner tonight.

Last Night’s Stay

Our stay last night was courtesy the Econo Lodge in Elk City, Oklahoma.  Connected to the hotel is a small dinner.  We decided to walk across the lobby for dinner.  The food was great, and the place was BUSY!

This morning, breakfast was included with our room, so we ate at the diner again.  The biscuits and sausage gravy was the best I’d ever tasted.  It must be that southern touch.  Again, they were busy and PACKED.

copyright 2017 db walton all rights reserved.
Lobby of Our Hotel We Stayed In Last Night

copyright 2017 db walton all rights reserved.
Last night’s Hotel = Econo Lodge, Elk City, Oklahoma

Goodbye to Oklahoma

Western Oklahoma is pretty desolate and depressed.  Many of the towns along Route 66 look like Ghost Towns already (and are close to it).  It’s sad people are moving to big cities and metropolis areas.  There’s a lot of pretty country out there where one could live cheaply.

copyright 2017 db walton all rights reserved.
Miles of Road

Hello Texas

It was funny.  There was a Welcome to Texas sign, but no “Leaving Oklahoma” sign.  On the other side of the road, there was no Welcome to Oklahoma sign either.  Later, there was another Welcome to Texas sign.  We decided it must be no-man’s territory.

Here’s a gallery of images from Texas from Texola to Amarillo…

PPA Affiliates

Paul and I have a great presentation about our findings on Route 66 and how they relate to photographers.  We’d love to come to your PPA Affiliate to present our show.

Thank You

Thank you Bay Photo.  We continue to give out sample cards.  Thank you Republic Wireless.  The service is working great.   And, a special thank you to Econo Lodge for the room last night.



September 16, 2017


One of the speakers at church today talked about distractions.  He illustrated his point using the dog from the movie Up as an example.  I found it too funny.  Paul and I the last two weeks have been driving along and you'd then every 1/4 mile one of us was shouting, "Squirrel!"

One of the speakers at church today talked about distractions.  He illustrated his point using the dog from the movie Up as an example.  I found it too funny.  Paul and I the last two weeks have been driving along and you'd then every 1/4 mile one of us was shouting, "Squirrel!"


One of the speakers at church today talked about distractions.  He illustrated his point using the dog from the movie Up as an example.  I found it too funny.  Paul and I the last two weeks have been driving along and you’d then every 1/4 mile one of us was shouting, “Squirrel!”

Today is a day of rest so we’re not driving or taking many pictures.  I did take my camera to dinner and took a couple of pictures of my dinner.  That’s about it.


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Combination Plate

copyright 2017 db walton all rights reserved
Rosa’s Café


I got caught up on mailing postcards to my grandchildren.  With the exception of one, all of them will get postcards from Route 66.

Why the exception?

Because she was just born today at 3:31 p.m. Mountain Time.  Jonet Allena.    As a result, I didn’t have a postcard purchased for her.


We live Amarillo tomorrow, but before we do we’re going a surprise shoot.  I won’t give any hints, but if you know people who are not members of our Facebook group, now might be the time to invite them.

Speaking of Facebook.  I’d like to see us break 500 tomorrow.  This is big stuff.

We’ve driven over 1,000 miles, and we’re not even to the 1/2 way point.   Share our Facebook page with all your friends.  Ask them to join the group.  (Go to and click on Join.  There are three questions, but you don’t have to answer them if you don’t want to.)