Older Cousins

March 23, 2020

Because of the yours, mine, and ours, family I had lots of older cousins.  I was the oldest of the last wave of cousins.  In this younger group, in order of age, there's me, then my cousins Jeff, Todd, my brother Mark, our cousins John, Eric and Becky.

When it came to older cousins, I had cousins older than my Mom!!!  Keith and Wayne were both older than my mom, Paul was around the same age as my mom, and Andrea a little young.  They were all children of my Grandpa's daughter from his first marriage.

Then there was Ann and Allen, the twins, Greg, Frank, Patty and Barbara.  My Uncle Allen was close in age to my cousins Allen and Greg.  Frank and Barbara were for a long time the closest cousins to my age.  To me, they seemed OLD.

When the cousins were at Grandma's and Grandpa's I always wanted to hang out with the boys.  On one such occasion I followed Uncle Allen, Greg and Cousin Allen down S. Johnson, a right on Center Street, and they stopped in the center of the bridge.

"Go home, Brent," my Uncle Allen said to me.

I told them I wanted to go with them, and the three older boys were insistent that they wanted me to go home.

I remember standing on the bridge, surround by what seemed to be giants, as they tried to convince me to go home.

One of them, I think it was Greg, picked me up and said to the others something to the effect, "I know, let's throw him in the river."

My Grandpa taught me to fear and respect the river, and the very thought of being thrown over the rails in to the river scared me to death.  So, I pleaded with them to let me go, and I returned home to Grandma's.  

From then on Allen and Greg kind of scared me.    Uncle Allen, however, was always a joker and I always liked it when he was around.  We was funny and always laughing.  I can still hear his laugh.

The older girl cousins didn't take much interest in my being around.  My cousin Barbara would sometimes get tasked with watching me.  She was always kind.

When Keith came to visit (only once that I remember), I was exicted that he had a boy, Kevin, that was about 1 year younger.  I remember pulling Kevin and his little sister around in my wagon.  Later, when we moved to California, Kevin and his family became our family in our new location.  However, in those years before Mark was born, it was kind of lonely being the only cousin who wasn't old enough to hang out and do things the older cousins got to do.

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