Expecting a Brother

March 23, 2020

I remember the day when my parents told me I was going to have a little sister or brother.  They wanted a little girl, but I wanted a brother, and I wanted his name to be Mark.   Ricky Bowser wasn't going to have anything on me.

My Mom got morning sickness and was throwing up a lot.  As a result, she seldom wanted to fix me breakfast.  (I loved eggs and looking back, I'm sure it was the smell that she didn't want to deal with.)  One day, she said, "If you want eggs, you'll have to cook them yourself."

I did, and burned the heck out of them, but I still ate them.  The next day, I tried again, this time better.  Soon, I had a handle on frying eggs in bacon fat.

One day, taking the laundry down the stairs, my tripped and fell.  As a little child, I was scared.  I couldn't comfort her and I remember her saying she was worried about the baby.  (Her tummy was big at this point.  I'm guessing she was 30+ weeks along.)

From that point on, I dragged the laundry basket down the steps in to the basement for her.

My parents were insistent that it was going to be a girl.  They wanted to name her Stephanie.  I was convinced it was going to be a boy and I wanted his name to be Mark.

The big day came.  Mom's labor was induced.  They went to the hospital and in a couple of days they came home with Mark Stephen Walton.

My First Reaction

My first reaction was, "I can't play catch with him.  He's too small."

Mom got quite a chuckle out of that.  She explained he has to grow up.  In my mind, I recall thinking, 'He better hurry.'

Being a Big Brother

I learned how to hold him, prop his head, and give him is bottle.  One day, I heard Mark awake, and decided to surprise mom.  

Carefully, I went in to his room, lifted and held him as I had been taught, and went out into the living room where mom was sitting.  I announced I saw him awake and thought I would bring him to Mom.

Mom freaked out.  It scared the heck out of her to think this 5 year old was waking around with this newborn child.

About the only other things I remember about Mark at this age was his starting to walk (kind of uneventful to me at the time), and helping bundle him up when we would go outside.

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