A TV and Piano

March 27, 2020

Prior to our buying a home we didn't have a piano and we only had a small portable TV with rabbit ears.  But, that was about to change.

Mom and Dad bought a 27" console TV and a used piano.  Grandma and Grandpa had both so this was very exciting to me.  I always enjoyed playing around with Grandma's piano.

They started me on piano lessons with a very cute high school student.  (Or, at least she seemed cute to me.)  I soon learned that meant 30 minutes of practicing a day.  At first, 30 minutes seemed like it sped by.  But, after the novelty wore off, 30 minutes seemed like an eternity.

I was studying the Thompson's method for piano.  The books were the same books Mom used when she learned to play.  I went quickly through books 1, 2 and 3.  My favorite song was Country Gardens because it reminded me of Red Skelton. 

The TV sat against the wall opposite the front window.  The TV series Superman was my favorite after school show.  It inspired me to jump through some walls... but that's another story.

I have vague memories of sitting on the floor with Mark in my arms watching TV.  After the incident of carrying Mark out of his crib, the only time I could hold him was if I was sitting... preferably on the floor.

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