A Big Change

March 25, 2020

Having a baby in the house meant a big change is about to come.  A lot changed in 1962:

1)  Mom returned to work
2)  Dad was now teaching in Pocatello and was home more
3)  Mark was growing and would soon be a toddler
4)  I was going to school at Hawthorn (they made the bottom floor an elementary school, but my school hours were different from Mom's work hours, so she didn't take me to or from school).
5)  A sitter was hired to watch Mark all day and see me off for school.
6)  I pretty much only saw Grandma and Grandpa now on the weekends -- a huge change for me.

My day would start with Mom waking me to get ready for school.  I'd eat breakfast and about the time Mrs. Hansen would arrive (she was the sitter), she'd hand Mark off to her and she'd head to work.  Dad was gone before I'd get up.

Mrs. Hansen would feed Mark, and then see me out the door.  My instructions were, "Don't talk to strangers.  Don't accept rides from anyone, even if you know a kid in the car, and go straight to school."

After school, I'd walk home, usually dillydallying a little by some abandoned concrete pipes or an old abandoned house that I thought was haunted.

I'd get home and Mom would be there.  I'd usually watch cartoons or go outside to play.  Things I liked to do outside were collect cat-face spiders (that's what all us kids called them). 

At this time, right after Mark's birth, there wasn't much to do.  There were no kids close to us (Haus' hadn't moved in yet.)  So, I'd play across the street in the barley field or around the house.

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